To Whom It May Concern

In Autumn,
As in Spring,
The sap flows,
The sap wishes to race
Against heartbeats
Before the winter,
Before the winter
Buries us
In her usual shroud of ice.

I turn to you
Knowing that
Unrequited love
Is good
For poetry,
Knowing that pain
Will nudge the muse
As well as anything,
Knowing that you
Are afraid, fettered
To a life
You do not love,
& so unfree
That freedom seems
More fearful even
Than the familiar
Of being
A grumbling slave.

I lived
That way
& I know
That freedom
Is its own reward,
That it propagates
By means
Of runners,

That nobody
Gives it to you,
Not even me
To you,

But that you
Must seize it
With your own
Two quaking hands
& pluck
The strawberry
It bears
In the green


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To Whom It May Concern