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Henry James in the Heart of the City

We have a small sculpture of Henry James on our terrace in New York City.

Nothing would surprise him.
The beast in the jungle was what he saw
Edith Wharton’s obfuscating older brother. . .

He fled the demons
Of Manhattan
For fear they would devour
His inner ones
(the ones who wrote the books)
& silence the stifled screams
Of his protagonists.

To Europe
Like a wandering Jew
WASP that he was
But with the Jew’s
Outsider’s hunger. . .

Face pressed up
To the glass of sex
Refusing every passion
But the passion to write
The words grew
More & more complex
& convoluted
Until they utterly imprisoned him
In their fairytale brambles.

Language for me
Is meant to be
A transparency,
Clear water gleaming
Under a covered bridge. . .
I love his spiritual sister
Because she snatched clarity
From her murky history.

Tormented New Yorkers both,
But she journeyed
To the heart of light
Did he?

She took her friends on one last voyage,
Through the isles of Greece
On a yacht chartered with her royalties
A rich girl proud to be making her own money.

The light of the Middle Sea
Was what she sought.
All denizens
Of this demonic city caught
Between pitch and black
Long for the light.

But she found it
In a few of her books. . .
While Henry James
What he had probably
Started with:
That beast, that jungle,
That solipsistic scream.

He did not join her
On that final cruise.
(He was on his own final cruise).
Did he want to?
I would wager yes.

I look back with love and sorrow
At them both
Dear teachers
But she shines like Miss Liberty
To Emma Lazarus’ hordes,
While he gazes within,
Always, at his own
Impenetrable jungle.

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Poem Henry James in the Heart of the City - Erica Jong