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Tz'u No. 11

To the tune of “Lamentation” It was far into the night when, intoxicated, I took off my ornaments; The plum […]

Tz'u No. 7

To the tune of “Rinsing Silk Stream” Let not the deep cup be filled With rich, amber-colored wine; My mind […]

Tz'u No. 13

To the tune of “Song of Peace” Year by year, in the snow, I have often gathered plum flowers, Intoxicated […]

Tz'u No. 5

To the tune of “Like a Dream” I always remember the sunset Over the pavilion by the river, So tipsy […]

A Song of Departure

Warm rain and soft breeze by turns Have just broken And driven away the chill. Moist as the pussy willows, […]

Autumn Love

Search. Search. Seek. Seek. Cold. Cold. Clear. Clear. Sorrow. Sorrow. Pain. Pain. Hot flashes. Sudden chills. Stabbing pains. Slow agonies. […]

Tz'u No. 15

To the tune of “Rinsing Silk Stream” Thousands of light flakes of crushed gold For its blossoms, Trimmed jade for […]

Tz'u No. 12

To the tune of “Happy Event Is Nigh” The wind ceases; fallen flowers pile high. Outside my screen, petals collect […]

Tz'u No. 17 (He Is Gone)

To the tune of “Wu Ling Spring” Wind ceased, the dust is scented With the fallen flowers. Though day is […]

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