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Poet As Fisherman

I fish for words To say what I fish for, Half-catch sometimes. I have caught little pan fish flashing sunlight […]

A Fool For Evergreen

A little bit of fool in me Hides behind my inmost tree And pops into the narrow path I walk […]

Mahalia Jackson

” I sing the LORD’S songs “ (palms once tough to stay alive, Alarm clock on five). Cinnamon cheeks, Lord, […]

The Treehouse

To every man His treehouse, A green splice in the humping years, Spartan with narrow cot And prickly door. To […]


When three, he fished these lakes, Curled sleeping on a lip of rock, Crib blankets tucked from ants and fishbone […]

The Young Ones, Flip Side

In tight pants, tight skirts, Stretched or squeezed, Youth hurts, Crammed in, bursting out, Flesh will sing And hide its […]

Bojangles And Jo

Stairstep music: ups, Downs, Bill Robinson smiling, Jazzdancing the rounds. She raised champagne lips, Danced inside banana hips. All Paris […]

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