English poetry

Poems in English

The Broken Heart

He is stark mad, who ever says, That he hath been in love an hour, Yet not that love so […]

Woman's Constancy

Now thou hast loved me one whole day, Tomorrow when thou leav’st, what wilt thou say? Wilt thou then antedate […]

A Fever

Oh do not die, for I shall hate All women so, when thou art gone, That thee I shall not […]

The Dream

Dear love, for nothing less than thee Would I have broke this happy dream; It was a theme For reason, […]

The Sun Rising

Busy old fool, unruly sun, Why dost thou thus, Through windows and through curtains, call on us? Must to thy […]

The Apparition

When by thy scorn, O murd’ress, I am dead, And that thou think’st thee free From all solicitation from me, […]

The Indifferent

I can love both fair and brown, Her whom abundance melts, and her whom want betrays, Her who loves loneness […]

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