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Poems in English

Santa Fe In Winter

The city is closing for the night. Stores draw their blinds one by one, And it’s dark again, save for […]

Night: San Francisco

Rain drenches the patio stones. All night was spent waiting For an earthquake, and instead Water stains sand with its […]


Over the fence, the dead settle in For a journey. Nine o’clock. You are alone for the first time Today. […]

Dear Deborah

They tell me that your heart Has been found in Iowa, Pumping along Interstate 35. Do you want it back? […]


You know how it is waking From a dream certain you can fly And that someone, long gone, returned And […]

Night In Iowa

Nimbus clouds erasing stars above Lamoni. Jaundiced lights. Silos. Loose dogs. Cows Whose stench infuses the handful of homes, Whose […]

The Lake

The yard half a yard, Half a lake blue as a corpse. The lake will tell things you long to […]

The Space Coast

Florida An Airedale rolling through green frost, Cabbage palms pointing their accusing leaves At whom, petulant waves breaking at my […]

Summer Nights

Lamoni, Iowa The factory siren tells workers time to go home Tells them the evening has begun. When living with […]