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The Wandering Bard

What life like that of the bard can be The wandering bard, who roams as free As the mountain lark […]

My Gentle Harp

My gentle Harp, once more I waken The sweetness of thy slumbering strain; In tears our last farewell was taken, […]

Tis the Last Rose of Summer

Tis the last rose of summer Left blooming alone; All her lovely companions Are faded and gone: No flower of […]

I've a Secret to Tell Thee

I’ve a secret to tell thee, but hush! not here Oh! not where the world its vigil keeps: I’ll seek, […]

In the Morning of Life

In the morning of life, when its cares are unknown, And its pleasures in all their new lustre begin, When […]

Fill the Bumper Fair

Fill the bumper fair! Every drop we sprinkle O’er the brow of Care Smooths away a wrinkle. Wit’s electric flame […]

If Thou'lt Be Mine

If thou’lt be mine, the treasures of air, Of earth, and sea, shall lie at thy feet; Whatever in Fancy’s […]

Drink of This Cup

Drink of this cup; you’ll find there’s a spell in Its every drop ‘gainst the ills of mortality; Talk of […]

Oh, the Sight Entrancing

Oh, the sight entrancing, When morning’s beam is glancing O’er files array’d With helm and blade, And plumes in the […]

St. Senanus and the Lady

St. Senanus “On! haste, and leave this sacred isle, Unholy bark, ere morning smile; For on thy deck, though dark […]

Desmond's Song

By the Feal’s wave benighted, No star in the skies, To thy door by Love lighted, I first saw those […]

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