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Come O’er the Sea

Come o’er the sea, Maiden with me, Mine through sunshine, storm, and snows; Seasons may roll, But the true soul […]

The Ghost of Miltiades

The Ghost of Miltiades came at night, And he stood by the bed of the Benthamite, And he said, in […]

She Sung of Love

She sung of Love, while o’er her lyre The rosy rays of evening fell, As if to feed with their […]

The Fortune-Teller

Down in the valley come meet me to-night, And I’ll tell you your fortune truly As ever ’twas told, by […]

Though Humble the Banquet

Though humble the banquet to which I invite thee, Thou’lt find there the best a poor bard can command; Eyes, […]

Oh, Ye Dead!

Oh, ye Dead! oh, ye Dead! whom we know by the light you give From your cold gleaming eyes, though […]

Ode to the Goddess Ceres

Dear Goddess of Corn, whom the ancients we know, (Among other odd whims of those comical bodies,) Adorn’d with somniferous […]

After the Battle

Night closed around the conqueror’s way, And lightnings show’d the distant hill, Where those who lost that dreadful day Stood […]

The Night Dance

Strike the gay harp! see the moon is on high, And, as true to her beam as the tides of […]

As Slow Our Ship

As slow our ship her foamy track Against the wind was cleaving, Her trembling pennant still look’d back To that […]

Tis Sweet to Think

Tis sweet to think that, where’er we rove, We are sure to find something blissful and dear, And that, when […]

Oh! Breathe Not His Name

Oh! breathe not his name, let it sleep in the shade, Where cold and unhonour’d his relics are laid: Sad, […]

Take Back the Virgin Page

Written on Returning a Blank Book Take back the virgin page, White and unwritten still; Some hand, more calm and […]

Twas One of Those Dreams

‘TWAS one of those dreams, that by music are brought, Like a bright summer haze, o’er the poet’s warm thought […]

Oh! Doubt Me Not

Oh! doubt me not the season Is o’er when Folly made me rove, And now the vestal, Reason, Shall watch […]

Tis Gone, And For Ever

‘Tis gone, and for ever, the light we saw breaking, Like Heaven’s first dawn o’er the sleep of the dead […]

Ne’er Ask the Hour

Ne’er ask the hour what is it to us How Time deals out his treasures? The golden moments lent us […]


How sweet the answer Echo makes To music at night, When, roused by lute or horn, she wakes, And far […]

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