English poetry

Poems in English

The Gulf

A Gulf of silence separates us from each other. I stand at one side of the gulf, you at the […]

Fairy Tale

Now this is the story of Olaf Who ages and ages ago Lived right on the top of a mountain, […]

The Awakening River

The gulls are mad-in-love with the river, And the river unveils her face and smiles. In her sleep-brooding eyes they […]

Villa Pauline

But, ah! before he came You were only a name: Four little rooms and a cupboard Without a bone, And […]

A Joyful Song Of Five

Come, let us all sing very high And all sing very loud And keep on singing in the street Until […]

Sleeping Together

Sleeping together… how tired you were… How warm our room… how the firelight spread On walls and ceiling and great […]

A Little Boy’s Dream

To and fro, to and fro In my little boat I go Sailing far across the sea All alone, just […]


Playing in the fire and twilight together, My little son and I, Suddenly woefully I stoop to catch him. “Try, […]