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A Fine Day

After all the rain, the sun Shines on hill and grassy mead; Fly into the garden, child, You are very […]

The Opal Dream Cave

In an opal dream cave I found a fairy: Her wings were frailer than flower petals, Frailer far than snowflakes. […]

The Town Between the Hills

The further the little girl leaped and ran, The further she longed to be; The white, white fields of jonquil […]

Autumn Song

Now’s the time when children’s noses All become as red as roses And the colour of their faces Makes me […]

The Arabian Shawl

“It is cold outside, you will need a coat What! this old Arabian shawl! Bind it about your head and […]

Spring Wind in London

I Blow across the stagnant world, I blow across the sea, For me, the sailor’s flag unfurled, For me, the […]

When I was a Bird

I climbed up the karaka tree Into a nest all made of leaves But soft as feathers. I made up […]

A Little Girl’s Prayer

Grant me the moment, the lovely moment That I may lean forth to see The other buds, the other blooms, […]

Night-Scented Stock

White, white in the milky night The moon danced over a tree. “Wouldn’t it be lovely to swim in the […]

A New Hymn

Sing a song of men’s pyjamas, Half-past-six has got a pair, And he’s wearing them this evening, And he’s looking […]

Out in the Garden

Out in the garden, Out in the windy, swinging dark, Under the trees and over the flower-beds, Over the grass […]


Her little hot room looked over the bay Through a stiff palisade of glinting palms, And there she would lie […]


These be two Countrywomen. What a size! Grand big arms And round red faces; Big substantial Sit-down-places; Great big bosoms […]

There was a Child Once

There was a child once. He came to play in my garden; He was quite pale and silent. Only when […]

In the Rangitaki Valley

Valley of waving broom, O lovely, lovely light, O hear of the world, red-gold! Breast high in the blossom I […]

The Sea-Child

Into the world you sent her, mother, Fashioned her body of coral and foam, Combed a wave in her hair’s […]

Sorrowing Love

And again the flowers are come, And the light shakes, And no tiny voice is dumb, And a bud breaks […]

Butterfly Laughter

In the middle of our porridge plates There was a blue butterfly painted And each morning we tried who should […]

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