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Sorrowing Love

And again the flowers are come, And the light shakes, And no tiny voice is dumb, And a bud breaks […]

Butterfly Laughter

In the middle of our porridge plates There was a blue butterfly painted And each morning we tried who should […]

Deaf House Agent

That deaf old man With his hand to his ear His hand to hi head stood out like a shell, […]

To God the Father

To the little, pitiful God I make my prayer, The God with the long grey beard And flowing robe fastened […]


The Half-Soled-Boots-With-Toecaps-Child Walked out into the street And splashed in all the pubbles till She had such shocking feet The […]

The Secret

In the profoundest ocean There is a rainbow shell, It is always there, shining most stilly Under the greatest storm […]

The Wounded Bird

In the wide bed Under the freen embroidered quilt With flowers and leaves always in soft motion She is like […]


Now it is Loneliness who comes at night Instead of Sleep, to sit beside my bed. Like a tired child […]

Covering Wings

Love! Love! Your tenderness, Your beautiful, watchful ways Grasp me, fold me, cover me; I lie in a kind of […]

The Black Monkey

My Babbles has a nasty knack Of keeping monkeys on her back. A great big black one comes and swings […]

The Lonesome Child

The baby in the looking-glass Is smiling through at me; She has her teaspoon in her hand, Her feeder on […]

Grown-Up Talk

Half-Past-Six and I were talking In a very grown-up way; We had got so tired with running That we did […]

The Gulf

A Gulf of silence separates us from each other. I stand at one side of the gulf, you at the […]

Fairy Tale

Now this is the story of Olaf Who ages and ages ago Lived right on the top of a mountain, […]

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