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Poems in English

Voices of the Air

But then there comes that moment rare When, for no cause that I can find, The little voices of the […]

The Family

Hinemoa, Tui, Maina, All of them were born together; They are quite an extra special Set of babies wax and […]


I saw a tiny God Sitting Under a bright blue umbrella That had white tassels And forked ribs of gold. […]

Across The Red Sky

Across the red sky two birds flying, Flying with drooping wings. Silent and solitary their ominous flight. All day the […]

The Storm

I Ran to the forest for shelter, Breathless, half sobbing; I put my arms round a tree, Pillowed my head […]

Camomile Tea

Outside the sky is light with stars; There’s a hollow roaring from the sea. And, alas! for the little almond […]


The Sea called I lay on the rocks and said: “I am come.” She mocked and showed her teeth, Stretching […]

To L. H. B. (1894-1915 )

Last night for the first time since you were dead I walked with you, my brother, in a dream. We […]

Jangling Memory

Heavens above! here’s an old tie of your Sea-green dragons stamped on a golden ground. Ha! Ha! Ha! What children […]

A Few Rules for Beginners

Babies must not eat the coal And they must not make grimaces, Nor in party dresses roll And must never […]

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