English poetry

Poems in English

Herbert White

“When I hit her on the head, it was good, And then I did it to her a couple of […]

Guilty Of Dust

up or down from the infinite C E N T E R B R I M M I N G […]

California Plush

The only thing I miss about Los Angeles Is the Hollywood Freeway at midnight, windows down and Radio blaring Bearing […]

Love Incarnate

(Dante, Vita Nuova) To all those driven berserk or humanized by love This is offered, for I need help Deciphering […]

To The Dead

What I hope (when I hope) is that we’ll See each other again, . . . and again reach the […]

For The Twentieth Century

Bound, hungry to pluck again from the thousand Technologies of ecstasy Boundlessness, the world that at a drop of water […]


He stared up into my eyes with a look I can almost see now. He had that look in his […]

Self-Portrait, 1969

He’s still young ; thirty, but looks younger Or does he?… In the eyes and cheeks, tonight, Turning in the […]

Dark Night

(John of the Cross) In a dark night, when the light burning was the burning of love (fortuitous night, fated, […]