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Poems in English

On the Field of Kulicovo

The river stretched. It flows, idly grieves, And washes both banks. In steppe, above light clay of cliffs Rinks mourn […]

The Twelve

III Our sons have gone To serve the Reds To serve the Reds To risk their heads! O bitter, bitter […]

He, who was born

He, who was born in stagnant year Does not remember own way. We, kids of Russia’s years of fear, Remember […]

A Girl Sang a Song

A girl sang a song in the temple’s chorus, About men, tired in alien lands, About the ships that left […]

The Stranger

The restaurants on hot spring evenings Lie under a dense and savage air. Foul drafts and hoots from dunken revelers […]

To the Muse

In your hidden memories There are fatal tidings of doom… A curse on sacred traditions, A desecration of happiness; And […]

Halls grew darker

Halls grew darker and somehow faded. Grates of windows drowned in black. Every knight, every beautiful lady Knew the tiding: […]

Gamajun, the Prophetic Bird

On waters, spread without end, Dressed with the sunset so purple, It sings and prophesies for land, Unable to lift […]

The Death of Grandfather

We waited commonly for sleep or even death. The instances were wearisome as ages. But suddenly the wind’s refreshing breath […]

Don't fear death

Don’t fear death in earthly travels. Don’t fear enemies or friends. Just listen to the words of prayers, To pass […]

I Wait For You

I wait for you. The years in silence pass And as the image, one, I wait for you again. The […]

The Faithless Shadows

The faithless shadows of day are running And high and clear is the call of bells, Steps of the church […]