English poetry

Poems in English

Silent Letters

Treacherous as trap door spiders, They ambush children’s innocence. “Why is there g h in light? It isn’t fair!” Buddha […]

Reservations Confirmed

The ticket settles on my desk: a paper tongue Pronouncing “Go away;” a flattened seed From which a thousand-mile leap […]


Its silver clasp looks like a man grasping His hands above his head in victory; The latches, like twin hatchbacks […]


“Don’t overdo it,” Dad yelled, watching me Play shortstop, collect stamps and shells, Roll on the grass laughing until I […]


It’s okay if the world goes with Venetian; Who cares what Italians don’t see? Or with Man’s Bluff (a temporary […]

Post-Vacation Tristesse

The Jumbo Jet has barely shuddered off The ground, and I’m depressed. My scuba mask And fins, my fly rod […]

The Wife of the Mind

Sharecroppers’ child, she was more schooled In slaughtering pigs and coaxing corn out of The ground than in the laws […]

Giant Fungus

40-acre growth found in Michigan. – The Los Angeles Times The sky is full of ruddy ducks And widgeon’s, mockingbirds, […]

The Death Of Santa Claus

He’s had the chest pains for weeks, But doctors don’t make house Calls to the North Pole, He’s let his […]