Giant Fungus

40-acre growth found in Michigan.
– The Los Angeles Times

The sky is full of ruddy ducks
And widgeon’s, mockingbirds,
Bees, bats, swallowtails,
Dragonflies, and great horned owls.

The land below teems with elands
And kit foxes, badgers, aardvarks,
Juniper, banana slugs, larch,
Cactus, heather, humankind.

Under them, a dome of dirt.
Under that, the World’s
Largest Living Thing spreads
Like a hemorrhage poised

To paralyze the earth-like a tumor
Ready to cause 9.0 convulsions,
Or a brain dreaming this world
Of crickets and dung beetles,

Sculpins, Beethoven, coots,
Caligula, St. Augustine grass, Mister
Lincoln roses, passion fruit, wildebeests,
Orioles like sunspots shooting high,

Then dropping back to the green
Arms of trees, their roots
Sunk deep in the power
Of things sleeping and unknown.

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Giant Fungus