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Johnson’s Antidote

Down along the Snakebite River, where the overlanders camp, Where the serpents are in millions, all of the most deadly […]

Saltbush Bill, J. P

Beyond the land where Leichhardt went, Beyond Sturt’s Western track, The rolling tide of change has sent Some strange J. […]

Clancy Of The Overflow

I had written him a letter which I had, for want of better Knowledge, sent to where I met him […]

A Dog’s Mistake

He had drifted in among us as a straw drifts with the tide, He was just a wand’ring mongrel from […]

The Pearl Diver

Kanzo Makame, the diver, sturdy and small Japanee, Seeker of pearls and of pearl-shell down in the depths of the […]

The Mylora Elopement

By the winding Wollondilly where the weeping willows weep, And the shepherd, with his billy, half awake and half asleep, […]

The All Right Un

He came from “further out”, That land of fear and drought And dust and gravel. He got a touch of […]

Old Schooldays

Awake, of Muse, the echoes of a day Long past, the ghosts of mem’ries manifold Youth’s memories that once were […]

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