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Not On It

The new chum’s polo pony was the smartest pony yet The owner backed it for the Cup for all that […]

Mulga Bill’s Bicycle

‘Twas Mulga Bill, from Eaglehawk, that caught the cycling craze; He turned away the good old horse that served him […]

Jimmy Dooley’s Army

There’s a dashin’ sort of boy Which they call his Party’s Joy, And his smile-that-won’t-come-off would quite disarm ye; And […]

The City of Dreadful Thirst

The stranger came from Narromine and made his little joke “They say we folks in Narromine are narrow-minded folk. But […]

Song of the Future

‘Tis strange that in a land so strong So strong and bold in mighty youth, We have no poet’s voice […]

The Hypnotist

A man once read with mind surprised Of the way that people were “hypnotised”; By waving hands you produced, forsooth, […]

High Explosive

‘Twas the dingo pup to his dam that said, “It’s time I worked for my daily bread. Out in the […]

The Lung Fish

The Honorable Ardleigh Wyse Was every fisherman’s despair; He caught his fish on floating flies, In fact he caught them […]

Out of Sight

They held a polo meeting at a little country town, And all the local sportsmen came to win themselves renown. […]

The Quest Eternal

O west of all that a man holds dear, on the edge of the Kingdom Come, Where carriage is far […]

Tar and Feathers

Oh! the circus swooped down On the Narrabri town, For the Narrabri populace moneyed are; And the showman he smiled […]

The Billy-Goat Overland

Come all ye lads of the droving days, ye gentlemen unafraid, I’ll tell you all of the greatest trip that […]

Rio Grande’s Last Race

Now this was what Macpherson told While waiting in the stand; A reckless rider, over-bold, The only man with hands […]

Sydney Cup 1899

Of course they say if this Bobadil starts He’ll settle ’em all in a flash: For the pace he can […]

Uncle Bill

My Uncle Bill! My Uncle Bill! How doth my heart with anguish thrill! For he, our chief, our Robin Hood, […]

The Reverend Mullineux

I’d reckon his weight as eight-stun-eight, And his height as five-foot-two, With a face as plain as an eight-day clock […]

Who is Kator Anyhow?

Why, oh why was Kater lifted From the darkness, where he drifted All unknown, and raised to honour, Side by […]


As I pondered very weary o’er a volume long and dreary For the plot was void of interest; ’twas the […]

Bottle ‘O’

I ain’t the kind of bloke as takes to any steady job; I drives me bottle cart around the town; […]

Rio Grande

Now this was what Macpherson told While waiting in the stand; A reckless rider, over-bold, The only man with hands […]

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