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On the Trek

Oh, the weary, weary journey on the trek, day after day, With sun above and silent veldt below; And our […]

The Lay of the Motor-Car

We’re away! and the wind whistles shrewd In our whiskers and teeth; And the granite-like grey of the road Seems […]

Australia Today 1916

They came from the lower levels Deep down in the Brilliant mine; From the wastes where the whirlwind revels, Whirling […]

The Old Australian Ways

The London lights are far abeam Behind a bank of cloud, Along the shore the gaslights gleam, The gale is […]

An answer to Various Bards

Well, I’ve waited mighty patient while they all came rolling in, Mister Lawson, Mister Dyson, and the others of their […]

An Idyll of Dandaloo

On Western plains, where shade is not, ‘Neath summer skies of cloudless blue, Where all is dry and all is […]

By the Grey Gulf-water

Far to the Northward there lies a land, A wonderful land that the winds blow over, And none may fathom […]

In Defence of the Bush

So you’re back from up the country, Mister Lawson, where you went, And you’re cursing all the business in a […]

How The Favourite Beat Us

“Aye,” said the boozer, “I tell you it’s true, sir, I once was a punter with plenty of pelf, But […]

The Protest

I say ‘e isn’t Remorse! ‘Ow do I know? Saw ‘im on Riccarton course Two year ago! Think I’d forget […]

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