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How M’Ginnis went missing

Let us cease our idle chatter, Let the tears bedew our cheek, For a man from Tallangatta Has been missing […]

The Gundaroo Bullock

Oh, there’s some that breeds the Devon that’s as solid as a stone, And there’s some that breeds the brindle […]

The Corner Man

I dreamt a dream at the midnight deep, When fancies come and go To vex a man in his soothing […]

Shearing With a Hoe

The track that led to Carmody’s is choked and overgrown, The suckers of the stringybark have made the place their […]

A Bush Christening

On the outer Barcoo where the churches are few, And men of religion are scanty, On a road never cross’d […]

Our Mat

It came from the prison this morning, Close-twisted, neat-lettered, and flat; It lies the hall doorway adorning, A very good […]

The Passing of Gundagai

“I’ll introduce a friend!” he said, “And if you’ve got a vacant pen You’d better take him in the shed […]

Santa Claus in the Bush

It chanced out back at the Christmas time, When the wheat was ripe and tall, A stranger rode to the […]

A Voice from the Town

I thought, in the days of the droving, Of steps I might hope to retrace, To be done with the […]

“Ave Ceasar”

Long ago the Gladiators, When the call to combat came, Marching past the massed spectators, Hailed the Emp’ror with acclaim! […]

The Last Parade

With never a sound of trumpet, With never a flag displayed, The last of the old campaigners Lined up for […]

Last Week

Oh, the new-chum went to the backblock run, But he should have gone there last week. He tramped ten miles […]

The Dauntless Three

Chris Watson, of the Parliament, By his Caucus Gods he swore That the great Labor Party Should suffer wrong no […]

Tom Collins

Who never drinks and never bets, But loves his wife and pays his debts And feels content with what he […]

An Evening in Dandaloo

It was while we held our races Hurdles, sprints and steplechases Up in Dandaloo, That a crowd of Sydney stealers, […]

What Have the Cavalry Done?

What have the cavalry done? Cantered and trotted about, Routin’ the enemy out, Causin’ the beggars to run! And we […]

It’s Grand

It’s grand to be a squatter And sit upon a post, And watch your little ewes and lambs A-giving up […]

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