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Policeman G

To Policeman G. the Inspector said:
“When you pass the ‘shops’ you must turn your head;
If you took a wager, that would be a sin;
So you’ll earn no stripes if you run them in.”
To the House Committee, the Inspector said:
“‘Tis a terrible thing how the gamblers spread,
For they bet on the steeple, and they bet on the Cup,
And the magistrates won’t lock them up.”

But Policeman G., as he walks his beat,
Where ghe gamblers are up and down the street
Says he: “What’s the use to be talkin’ rot
If they’d make me a sergeant, I could cop the lot!”
With my ring-tiy-ah,

“But, begad if you start to suppress the ‘shop’,
Then the divil only knows where you’re going to stop;
For the rich and the poor, they would raise a din,
If at Randwick I ran fifty thousand in.”

“Though ye must not box nor shpit nor bet,
I’ll find my way out to Randwick yet;
For I’m shtandin’ a pound and it’s no disgrace
On Paddy Nolan’s horse for the Steeplechase!”

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Poem Policeman G - Andrew Barton Paterson