Christmas in a box

the policeman on the streets
Found christmas in a box
Tipped it down a manhole
It wasn’t wearing socks

A little old lady nearby –
The poor sod’s done no harm
She got hit with a truncheon
For spreading false alarm

The policeman then went home
Pleased his job was done
Called for his christmas dinner
But dinner there was none

His wife with the lodger
His children gone for good
He beat himself with his truncheon
And lay down in his blood

All the holly berries
All the christmas trees
Gathered in the silent square
Brought buildings to their knees

Nothing comprehended
Why such bitter bleeding
Tore hate aside – redeemed a space
For joy to do the feeding

A ripple took the roof off
Sun married the rain
Christmas came with socks on
The box refilled with grain

A little old lady nearby
Took off her winter coat
Danced to where the policeman’s blood
Was rattling in his throat

She sewed him up and rolled him
Round to the local bank
Doled him out to everyone
Whose lives had done a blank

Policeman’s blood and christmas socks
Changed every single life
The children came home to freedom
And the lodger kept the wife

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Christmas in a box