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Christmas Morn

Cold frosty mornings
Ice on window pain
Huddle under coats
Keep the warmth in
Tiptoe down the stairs
All quiet and hushed
Barge through the door
To see what’s waiting for us.
A Christmas tree sparkling,
Multi coloured lights,
Large shiny baubles, and
An angel smiling with delight.
Paper chains, garlands
Bells, stars and balloons
Dangling from the ceiling.
Pine from the tree,
Fresh cooked bread, cakes,
Jam tarts and scones,
These are the scents waiting for us.
A coal fire burning
Warmth is in our hearts
Singing along to carols
On this cold and frosty morning.
This day may not be THE day,
But it is deep down in our hearts.

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Poem Christmas Morn - Claire Nixon