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Wandering at Morn

WANDERING at morn,
Emerging from the night, from gloomy thoughts-thee in my thoughts,
Yearning for thee, harmonious Union! thee, Singing Bird divine!
Thee, seated coil’d in evil times, my Country, with craft and black dismay-with
meanness, treason thrust upon thee;
-Wandering-this common marvel I beheld-the parent thrush I watch’d,
its young,
(The singing thrush, whose tones of joy and faith ecstatic,
Fail not to certify and cheer my soul.)

There ponder’d, felt I,
If worms, snakes, loathsome grubs, may to sweet spiritual songs be turn’d,
If vermin so transposed, so used, so bless’d may be,
Then may I trust in you, your fortunes, days, my country;
-Who knows that these may be the lessons fit for you?
From these your future Song may rise, with joyous trills,
Destin’d to fill the world.

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Poem Wandering at Morn - Walt Whitman