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Ages and Ages, Returning at Intervals

AGES and ages, returning at intervals, Undestroy’d, wandering immortal, Lusty, phallic, with the potent original loins, perfectly sweet, I, chanter […]

Spirit whose Work is Done

SPIRIT whose work is done! spirit of dreadful hours! Ere, departing, fade from my eyes your forests of bayonets; Spirit […]

On Journeys Through The States

ON journeys through the States we start, (Ay, through the world-urged by these songs, Sailing henceforth to every land-to every […]

With All Thy Gifts

WITH all thy gifts, America, (Standing secure, rapidly tending, overlooking the world,) Power, wealth, extent, vouchsafed to thee-With these, and […]

A Clear Midnight

THIS is thy hour O Soul, thy free flight into the wordless, Away from books, away from art, the day […]

Native Moments

NATIVE moments! when you come upon me-Ah you are here now! Give me now libidinous joys only! Give me the […]

Ashes of Soldiers

ASHES of soldiers! As I muse, retrospective, murmuring a chant in thought, Lo! the war resumes-again to my sense your […]

Myself and Mine

MYSELF and mine gymnastic ever, To stand the cold or heat-to take good aim with a gun-to sail a boat-to […]

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