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To Be Blind

Is it sounds converging, Sounds nearing, Infringement, impingement, Impact, contact With surfaces of the sounds Or surfaces without the sounds: […]

Polyphony In A Cathedral

Music curls In the stone shells Of the arches, and rings Their stone bells. Music lips Each cold groove Of […]

Symphony In Red

Within the church The solemn priests advance, And the sunlight, stained by the heavy windows, Dyes a yet richer red […]

Bells, Pool And Sleep

Bells overbrim with sound And spread from cupolas Out through the shaking air Endless unbreaking circles Cool and clear as […]

Unlyric Love Song

It is time to give that-of-myself which I could not at first: To offer you now at last my least […]

Black Morning Lovesong

In love’s dances, in love’s dances One retreats and one advances, One grows warmer and one colder, One more hesitant, […]


Green sea-tarnished copper And sea-tarnished gold Of cupolas. Sea-runnelled streets Channelled by salt air That wears the white stone. The […]

The Man In The Bowler Hat

I am the unnoticed, the unnoticable man: The man who sat on your right in the morning train: The man […]


When you are slightly drunk Things are so close, so friendly. The road asks to be walked upon, The road […]


People who are afraid of themselves Multiply themselves into families And so divide themselves And so become less afraid. People […]

Flight Of Stairs

Stairs fly as straight as hawks; Or else in spirals, curve out of curve, pausing At a ledge to poise […]

Attack On The Ad-Man

This trumpeter of nothingness, employed To keep our reason dull and null and void. This man of wind and froth […]


If a man says half himself in the light, adroit Way a tune shakes into equilibrium, Or approximates to a […]

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