English poetry

Poems in English


1 (Windless Summer) Between the glass panes of the sea are pressed Patterns of fronds, and the bronze tracks of […]

Cinema Screen

Light’s patterns freeze: Frost on our faces. Light’s pollen sifts Through the lids of our eyes… Light sinks and rusts […]


“Why can’t you say what you mean straight out in prose?” Well, say it yourself: then say “It’s that, but […]

Any Man Speaks

I, after difficult entry through my mother’s blood And stumbling childhood (hitting my head against the world); I, intricate, easily […]


Suddenly, desperately I thought, “No, never In millions of minutes Can I for one second Calm-leaving my own self Like […]

Wet City Night

Light drunkenly reels into shadow; Blurs, slurs uneasily; Slides off the eyeballs: The segments shatter. Tree-branches cut arc-light in ragged […]

Tube Station

The tube lift mounts, sap in a stem, And blossoms its load, a black, untidy rose. The fountain of the […]

Don Juan

Under the lips and limbs, the embraces, faces, Under the sharp circumference, the brightness, Under the fence of shadows, Is […]

Epitaph For Our Children

Blame us for these who were cradled and rocked in our chaos; Watching our sidelong watching, fearing our fear; Playing […]