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Songs of the High Country

Soria, in blue mountains, On the fields of violet, How often I’ve dreamed of you On the plain of flowers, […]

Last Night As I Was Sleeping

Last night as I was sleeping, I dreamt-marvelous error!- That a spring was breaking Out in my heart. I said: […]

Fields of Soria

Hills of silver plate, Grey heights, dark red rocks Through which the Duero bends Its crossbow arc Round Soria, shadowed […]

To Jośe Marίa Palacio

Palacio, good friend, Is spring there Showing itself on branches of black poplars By the roads and river? On the […]


Who set, between those rocks like cinder, To show the honey of dream, That golden broom, Those blue rosemaries? Who […]


Guadarrama, is it you, old friend, Mountains white and gray That I used to see painted against the blue Those […]

Has My Heart Gone To Sleep?

Has my heart gone to sleep? Have the beehives of my dreams Stopped working, the waterwheel Of the mind run […]