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Traveling Through The Dark

Traveling through the dark I found a deer Dead on the edge of the Wilson River road. It is usually […]

Waking at 3 a. m

Even in the cave of the night when you Wake and are free and lonely, Neglected by others, discarded, loved […]


Tomorrow will have an island. Before night I always find it. Then on to the next island. These places hidden […]

The Light By The Barn

The light by the barn that shines all night Pales at dawn when a little breeze comes. A little breeze […]

Returned To Say

When I face north a lost Cree On some new shore puts a moccasin down, Rock in the light and […]

Ask Me

Some time when the river is ice ask me Mistakes I have made. Ask me whether What I have done […]

This Life

With Kit, Age 7, at the Beach We would climb the highest dune, From there to gaze and come down: […]

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