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My Garden

A garden is a lovesome thing, God wot! Rose plot, Fringed pool, Ferned grot The veriest school Of peace; and […]

Risus Dei

Methinks in Him there dwells alway A sea of laughter very deep, Where the leviathans leap, And little children play, […]


When He appoints to meet thee, go thou forth – It matters not If south or north, Bleak waste or […]


WHEN Jessie comes with her soft breast, And yields the golden keys, Then is it as if God caress’d Twin […]


As I was carving images from clouds, And tinting them with soft ethereal dyes Pressed from the pulp of dreams, […]

Land, Ho!

I know ’tis but a loom of land, Yet is it land, and so I will rejoice, I know I […]


High stretched upon the swinging yard, I gather in the sheet; But it is hard And stiff, and one cries […]


The Man that hath great griefs I pity not; ‘Tis something to be great In any wise, and hint the […]

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