English poetry

Poems in English

The Hemp

(A Virginia Legend.) The Planting of the Hemp. Captain Hawk scourged clean the seas (Black is the gap below the […]

Rain After a Vaudeville Show

The last pose flickered, failed. The screen’s dead white Glared in a sudden flooding of harsh light Stabbing the eyes; […]


(For D. M. C.) The little man with the vague beard and guise Pulled at the wicket. “Come inside!” he […]

The White Peacock

(France Ancient Regime.) I. Go away! Go away; I will not confess to you! His black biretta clings like a […]


Tobacco smoke drifts up to the dim ceiling From half a dozen pipes and cigarettes, Curling in endless shapes, in […]

May Morning

I lie stretched out upon the window-seat And doze, and read a page or two, and doze, And feel the […]

Love in Twilight

There is darkness behind the light and the pale light drips Cold on vague shapes and figures, that, half-seen loom […]

The General Public

“Ah, did you once see Shelley plain?” Browning. “Shelley? Oh, yes, I saw him often then,” The old man said. […]

Going Back to School

The boat ploughed on. Now Alcatraz was past And all the grey waves flamed to red again At the dead […]

Portrait of a Baby

He lay within a warm, soft world Of motion. Colors bloomed and fled, Maroon and turquoise, saffron, red, Wave upon […]

Poor Devil!

Well, I was tired of life; the silly folk, The tiresome noises, all the common things I loved once, crushed […]

Dinner in a Quick Lunch Room

Soup should be heralded with a mellow horn, Blowing clear notes of gold against the stars; Strange entrees with a […]

The City Revisited

The grey gulls drift across the bay Softly and still as flakes of snow Against the thinning fog. All day […]

The Breaking Point

It was not when temptation came, Swiftly and blastingly as flame, And seared me white with burning scars; When I […]

Lonely Burial

There were not many at that lonely place, Where two scourged hills met in a little plain. The wind cried […]


To W. R. B. And so, to you, who always were Perseus, D’Artagnan, Lancelot To me, I give these weedy […]