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‘We were killing pigs when the Yanks arrived. A Tuesday morning, sunlight And gutter-blood Outside the slaughter house. >From the […]


Fishermen at Ballyshannon Netted an infant last night Along with the salmon. An illegitimate spawning, A small one thrown back […]

Mid-Term Break

I sat all morning in the college sick bay Counting bells knelling classes to a close. At two o’clock our […]


My father worked with a horse-plough, His shoulders globed like a full sail strung Between the shafts and the furrow. […]


I He would drink by himself And raise a weathered thumb Towards the high shelf, Calling another rum And blackcurrant, […]

Twice Shy

Her scarf a la Bardot, In suede flats for the walk, She came with me one evening For air and […]

Requiem for the Croppies

The pockets of our greatcoats full of barley… No kitchens on the run, no striking camp… We moved quick and […]

The Otter

When you plunged The light of Tuscany wavered And swung through the pool From top to bottom. I loved your […]

The Grauballe Man

As if he had been poured In tar, he lies On a pillow of turf And seems to weep The […]


My “place of clear water,” The first hill in the world Where springs washed into The shiny grass And darkened […]

Strange Fruit

Here is the girl’s head like an exhumed gourd. Oval-faced, prune-skinned, prune-stones for teeth. They unswaddled the wet fern of […]


Late August, given heavy rain and sun For a full week, the blackberries would ripen. At first, just one, a […]


It is December in Wicklow: Alders dripping, birches Inheriting the last light, The ash tree cold to look at. A […]


Between my finger and my thumb The squat pin rest; snug as a gun. Under my window, a clean rasping […]


A rowan like a lipsticked girl. Between the by-road and the main road Alder trees at a wet and dripping […]

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