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Wild Swans

I looked in my heart while the wild swans went over. And what did I see I had not seen […]

The Concert

No, I will go alone. I will come back when it’s over. Yes, of course I love you. No, it […]


AND if I loved you Wednesday, Well, what is that to you? I do not love you Thursday­ So much […]

Being Young And Green

Being Young and Green, I said in love’s despite: Never in the world will I to living wight Give over, […]


For the sake of some things That be now no more I will strew rushes On my chamber-floor, I will […]

City Trees

The trees along this city street, Save for the traffic and the trains, Would make a sound as thin and […]


WE were very tired, we were very merry­ We had gone back and forth all night on the ferry. It […]

Conscientious Objector

I shall die, but That is all that I shall do for Death. I hear him leading his horse out […]

Afternoon On A Hill

I will be the gladdest thing Under the sun! I will touch a hundred flowers And not pick one. I […]

Dirge Without Music

I am not resigned to the shutting away of loving hearts in the hard ground. So it is, and so […]

The Goose-Girl

Spring rides no horses down the hill, But comes on foot, a goose-girl still. And all the loveliest things there […]

Intention To Escape From Him

Edna St. Vincent Millay – Intention To Escape From Him I think I will learn some beautiful language, useless for […]

Sonnet 06: Bluebeard

This door you might not open, and you did; So enter now, and see for what slight thing You are […]

Well, I Have Lost You

Well, I have lost you; and I lost you fairly; In my own way, and with my full consent. Say […]


White with daisies and red with sorrel And empty, empty under the sky!- Life is a quest and love a […]

The Snow Storm

No hawk hangs over in this air: The urgent snow is everywhere. The wing adroiter than a sail Must lean […]


Let them bury your big eyes In the secret earth securely, Your thin fingers, and your fair, Soft, indefinite-colored hair,- […]

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