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Covering Two Years

This nothingness that feeds upon itself: Pencils that turn to water in the hand, Parts of a sentence, hanging in […]

The End Of The Library

When the coal Gave out, we began Burning the books, one by one; First the set Of Bulwer-Lytton And then […]

The Beach

Squat, unshaven, full of gas, Joseph Samuels, former clerk In four large cities, out of work, Waits in the darkened […]


The porchlight coming on again, Early November, the dead leaves Raked in piles, the wicker swing Creaking. Across the lots […]

A Musician's Wife

Between the visits to the shock ward The doctors used to let you play On the old upright Baldwin Donated […]


Butcher the evil millionaire, peasant, And leave him stinking in the square. Torture the chancellor. Leave the ambassador Strung by […]

Year's End

The state cracked where they left your breath No longer instrument. Along the shore The sand ripped up, and the […]

A Distance From The Sea

To Ernest Brace “And when the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was About to write: and I heard […]


In the broken light, in owl weather, Webs on the lawn where the leaves end, I took the thin moon […]


The dog stops barking after Robinson has gone. His act is over. The world is a gray world, Not without […]

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