English poetry

Poems in English

The Doctor Will Return

The surgical mask, the rubber teat Are singed, give off an evil smell. You seem to weep more now that […]

Dead March

Under the bunker, where the reek of kerosene Prepared the marriage rite, leader and whore, Imperfect kindling even in this […]

La Vita Nuova

Last summer, in the blue heat, Over the beach, in the burning air, A legless beggar lurched on calloused fists […]

The Speakers

“A equals X,” says Mister One. “A equals B,” says Mister Two. “A equals nothing under the sun But A,” […]

The Furies

Not a third that walks beside me, But five or six or more. Whether at dusk or daybreak Or at […]

The Bell From Europe

The tower bell in the Tenth Street Church Rang out nostalgia for the refugee Who knew the source of bells […]

The Upstairs Room

It must have been in March the rug wore through. Now the day passes and I stare At warped pine […]