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Before The Flood

Why did he promise me That we would build ourselves An ark all by ourselves Out in back of the […]

Green Fields

By this part of the century few are left who believe in the animals for they are not there in […]

The Speed Of Light

So gradual in those summers was the going of the age it seemed that the long days setting out When […]


My friend says I was not a good son You understand I say yes I understand He says I did […]


This is a place on the way after the distances can no longer be kept straight here in this dark […]

My Friends

My friends without shields walk on the target It is late the windows are breaking My friends without shoes leave […]

December Night

The cold slope is standing in darkness But the south of the trees is dry to the touch The heavy […]

The Source

There in the fringe of trees between The upper field and the edge of the one Below it that runs […]


Naturally it is night. Under the overturned lute with its One string I am going my way Which has a […]

For A Coming Extinction

Gray whale Now that we are sinding you to The End That great god Tell him That we who follow […]

Any Time

How long ago the day is When at last I look at it With the time it has taken To […]

The Burnt Child

Matches among other things that were not allowed Never would be Lying high in a cool blue box That opened […]

When You Go Away

When you go away the wind clicks around to the north The painters work all day but at sundown the […]

Some Last Questions

What is the head A. Ash What are the eyes A. The wells have fallen in and have Inhabitants What […]

Whenever I Go There

Whenever I go there everything is changed The stamps on the bandages the titles Of the professors of water The […]

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