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Some Last Questions

What is the head A. Ash What are the eyes A. The wells have fallen in and have Inhabitants What […]

Whenever I Go There

Whenever I go there everything is changed The stamps on the bandages the titles Of the professors of water The […]

It Is March

It is March and black dust falls out of the books Soon I will be gone The tall spirit who […]

Beggars And Kings

In the evening All the hours that weren’t used Are emptied out And the beggars are waiting to gather them […]

The River Of Bees

In a dream I returned to the river of bees Five orange trees by the bridge and Beside two mills […]


At the last minute a word is waiting Not heard that way before and not to be Repeated or ever […]

Unknown Bird

Out of the dry days Through the dusty leaves Far across the valley Those few notes never Heard here before […]