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The Assault Heroic

Down in the mud I lay, Tired out by my long day Of five damned days and nights, Five sleepless […]

The Cool Web

Children are dumb to say how hot the day is, How hot the scent is of the summer rose, How […]

Warning to Children

Children, if you dare to think Of the greatness, rareness, muchness Fewness of this precious only Endless world in which […]

An English Wood

This valley wood is pledged To the set shape of things, And reasonably hedged: Here are no harpies fledged, No […]

To Robert Nichols

(From Frise on the Somme in February, 1917, in answer to a letter saying: “I am just finishing my ‘Faun’s […]

To an Ungentle Critic

The great sun sinks behind the town Through a red mist of Volnay wine…. But what’s the use of setting […]


BOY Most venerable and learned sir, Tall and true Philosopher, These rings of smoke you blow all day With such […]

Goliath and David

(For D. C. T., Killed at Fricourt, March, 1916) Yet once an earlier David took Smooth pebbles from the brook: […]

Corporal Stare

Back from the line one night in June, I gave a dinner at Bethune – Seven courses, the most gorgeous […]


The child alone a poet is: Spring and Fairyland are his. Truth and Reason show but dim, And all’s poetry […]

The Poet in the Nursery

The youngest poet down the shelves was fumbling In a dim library, just behind the chair From which the ancient […]

Double Red Daisies

Double red daisies, they’re my flowers, Which nobody else may grow. In a big quarrelsome house like ours They try […]

Down, Wanton, Down!

Down, wanton, down! Have you no shame That at the whisper of Love’s name, Or Beauty’s, presto! up you raise […]

The Shivering Beggar

NEAR Clapham village, where fields began, Saint Edward met a beggar man. It was Christmas morning, the church bells tolled, […]

The Bough of Nonsense

AN IDYLL Back from the Somme two Fusiliers Limped painfully home; the elder said, S. “Robert, I’ve lived three thousand […]

Not to sleep

Not to sleep all the night long, for pure joy, Counting no sheep and careless of chimes Welcoming the dawn […]

A Child’s Nightmare

Through long nursery nights he stood By my bed unwearying, Loomed gigantic, formless, queer, Purring in my haunted ear That […]


I’ve watched the Seasons passing slow, so slow, In the fields between La Bassйe and Bethune; Primroses and the first […]

The Troll’s Nosegay

A simple nosegay! Was that much to ask? (Winter still nagged, with scarce a bud yet showing.) He loved her […]

On Giving

Those who dare give nothing Are left with less than nothing; Dear heart, you give me everything, Which leaves you […]

Dead Cow Farm

An ancient saga tells us how In the beginning the First Cow (For nothing living yet had birth But Elemental […]

Mermaid, Dragon, Fiend

In my childhood rumors ran Of a world beyond our door- Terrors to the life of man That the highroad […]

The Last Post

The bugler sent a call of high romance – “Lights out! Lights out!” to the deserted square. On the thin […]

The Next War

You young friskies who today Jump and fight in Father’s hay With bows and arrows and wooden spears, Playing at […]


A purple whale Proudly sweeps his tail Towards Nineveh; Glassy green Surges between A mile of roaring sea. “O town […]

Symptoms of Love

Love is universal migraine, A bright stain on the vision Blotting out reason. Symptoms of true love Are leanness, jealousy, […]

A Boy in Church

“Gabble-gabble,… brethren,… gabble-gabble!” My window frames forest and heather. I hardly hear the tuneful babble, Not knowing nor much caring […]

Welsh Incident

‘But that was nothing to what things came out From the sea-caves of Criccieth yonder.’ ‘What were they? Mermaids? dragons? […]

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