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The Last Post

The bugler sent a call of high romance – “Lights out! Lights out!” to the deserted square. On the thin […]

The Next War

You young friskies who today Jump and fight in Father’s hay With bows and arrows and wooden spears, Playing at […]


A purple whale Proudly sweeps his tail Towards Nineveh; Glassy green Surges between A mile of roaring sea. “O town […]

Symptoms of Love

Love is universal migraine, A bright stain on the vision Blotting out reason. Symptoms of true love Are leanness, jealousy, […]

A Boy in Church

“Gabble-gabble,… brethren,… gabble-gabble!” My window frames forest and heather. I hardly hear the tuneful babble, Not knowing nor much caring […]

Welsh Incident

‘But that was nothing to what things came out From the sea-caves of Criccieth yonder.’ ‘What were they? Mermaids? dragons? […]


Father is quite the greatest poet That ever lived anywhere. You say you’re going to write great music – I […]

The Cruel Moon

The cruel Moon hangs out of reach Up above the shadowy beech. Her face is stupid, but her eye Is […]

The Naked And The Nude

For me, the naked and the nude (By lexicographers construed As synonyms that should express The same deficiency of dress […]

In Broken Images

He is quick, thinking in clear images; I am slow, thinking in broken images. He becomes dull, trusting to his […]

Counting The Beats

You, love, and I, (He whispers) you and I, And if no more than only you and I What care […]

Two Fusiliers

And have we done with War at last? Well, we’ve been lucky devils both, And there’s no need of pledge […]

Like Snow

She, then, like snow in a dark night, Fell secretly. And the world waked With dazzling of the drowsy eye, […]

Love and Black Magic

To the woods, to the woods is the wizard gone; In his grotto the maiden sits alone. She gazes up […]

The Spoilsport

My familiar ghost again Comes to see what he can see, Critic, son of Conscious Brain, Spying on our privacy. […]

The Cottage

Here in turn succeed and rule Carter, smith, and village fool, Then again the place is known As tavern, shop, […]

Dew-drop and Diamond

The difference between you and her (whom I to you did once prefer) Is clear enough to settle: She like […]


Cherries of the night are riper Than the cherries pluckt at noon Gather to your fairy piper When he pipes […]

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