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The Emigrants: Book I

Scene, on the Cliffs to the Eastward of the Town of Brighthelmstone in Sussex. Time, a Morning in November, 1792. […]

Sonnet LXIII: The Gossamer

O’er faded heath-flowers spun, or thorny furze, The filmy Gossamer is lightly spread; Waving in every sighing air that stirs, […]

The Emigrants: Book II

Scene, on an Eminence on one of those Downs, which afford to the South a view of the Sea; to […]

Sonnet I

THE partial Muse, has from my earliest hours, Smil’d on the rugged path I’m doom’d to tread, And still with […]

Sonnet XLVII: To Fancy

Thee, Queen of Shadows! shall I still invoke, Still love the scenes thy sportive pencil drew, When on mine eyes […]