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My Dove, My Beautiful One

My dove, my beautiful one, Arise, arise! The night-dew lies Upon my lips and eyes. The odorous winds are weaving […]

Strings in the Earth and Air

Strings in the earth and air Make music sweet; Strings by the river where The willows meet. There’s music along […]

O Cool Is the Valley Now

O cool is the valley now And there, love, will we go For many a choir is singing now Where […]

Tutto è Sciolto

A birdless heaven, seadusk, one lone star Piercing the west, As thou, fond heart, love’s time, so faint, so far, […]

At That Hour

At that hour when all things have repose, O lonely watcher of the skies, Do you hear the night wind […]


Goldbrown upon the sated flood The rockvine clusters lift and sway; Vast wings above the lambent waters brood Of sullen […]

Gentle Lady, Do Not Sing

Gentle lady, do not sing Sad songs about the end of love; Lay aside sadness and sing How love that […]


O bella bionda, Sei come l’onda! Of cool sweet dew and radiance mild The moon a web of silence weaves […]

Bid Adieu to Maidenhood

Bid adieu, adieu, adieu, Bid adieu to girlish days, Happy Love is come to woo Thee and woo thy girlish […]

He Who Hath Glory Lost

He who hath glory lost, nor hath Found any soul to fellow his, Among his foes in scorn and wrath […]

She Weeps over Rahoon

Rain on Rahoon falls softly, softly falling, Where my dark lover lies. Sad is his voice that calls me, sadly […]

Lean Out of the Window

Lean out of the window, Goldenhair, I hear you singing A merry air. My book was closed, I read no […]

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