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Silently She’s Combing

Silently she’s combing, Combing her long hair Silently and graciously, With many a pretty air. The sun is in the […]

Bright Cap and Streamers

Bright cap and streamers, He sings in the hollow: Come follow, come follow, All you that love. Leave dreams to […]

From Dewy Dreams

From dewy dreams, my soul, arise, From love’s deep slumber and from death, For lo! the treees are full of […]

O Sweetheart, Hear You

O Sweetheart, hear you Your lover’s tale; A man shall have sorrow When friends him fail. For he shall know […]

Go Seek Her Out

Go seek her out all courteously, And say I come, Wind of spices whose song is ever Epithalamium. O, hurry […]

On the Beach at Fontana

Wind whines and whines the shingle, The crazy pierstakes groan; A senile sea numbers each single Slimesilvered stone. From whining […]


He travels after a winter sun, Urging the cattle along a cold red road, Calling to them, a voice they […]

The Twilight Turns

The twilight turns from amethyst To deep and deeper blue, The lamp fills with a pale green glow The trees […]


The eyes that mock me sign the way Whereto I pass at eve of day. Grey way whose violet signals […]

Though I Thy Mithridates Were

Though I thy Mithridates were, Framed to defy the poison-dart, Yet must thou fold me unaware To know the rapture […]

Be Not Sad

Be not sad because all men Prefer a lying clamour before you: Sweetheart, be at peace again – Can they […]

Love Came to Us

Love Came to Us Love came to us in time gone by When one at twilight shyly played And one […]


Gaunt in gloom, The pale stars their torches, Enshrouded, wave. Ghostfires from heaven’s far verges faint illume, Arches on soaring […]

Lightly Come or Lightly Go

Lightly come or lightly go: Though thy heart presage thee woe, Vales and many a wasted sun, Oread let thy […]

Sleep Now, O Sleep Now

Sleep now, O sleep now, O you unquiet heart! A voice crying “Sleep now” Is heard in my heart. The […]

My Dove, My Beautiful One

My dove, my beautiful one, Arise, arise! The night-dew lies Upon my lips and eyes. The odorous winds are weaving […]

Strings in the Earth and Air

Strings in the earth and air Make music sweet; Strings by the river where The willows meet. There’s music along […]

O Cool Is the Valley Now

O cool is the valley now And there, love, will we go For many a choir is singing now Where […]

Tutto è Sciolto

A birdless heaven, seadusk, one lone star Piercing the west, As thou, fond heart, love’s time, so faint, so far, […]

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