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Museum Piece

The good gray guardians of art Patrol the halls on spongy shoes, Impartially protective, though Perhaps suspicious of Toulouse. Here […]

The Riddle

Shall I love God for causing me to be? I was mere utterance; shall these words love me? Yet when […]

A Fable

Securely sunning in a forest glade, A mild, well-meaning snake Approved the adaptations he had made For safety’s sake. He […]

The Ride

The horse beneath me seemed To know what course to steer Through the horror of snow I dreamed, And so […]

March 26, 1974

R. Frost 100th B’day The air was soft, the ground still cold. In wet dull pastures where I strolled Was […]


A woman I have never seen before Steps from the darkness of her town-house door At just that crux of […]

A Hole In The Floor

for Rene Magritte The carpenter’s made a hole In the parlor floor, and I’m standing Staring down into it now […]


Piecemeal the summer dies; At the field’s edge a daisy lives alone; A last shawl of burning lies On a […]

Boy at the Window

Seeing the snowman standing all alone In dusk and cold is more than he can bear. The small boy weeps […]

Wedding Toast

St. John tells how, at Cana’s wedding feast, The water-pots poured wine in such amount That by his sober count […]

Advice to a Prophet

When you come, as you soon must, to the streets of our city, Mad-eyed from stating the obvious, Not proclaiming […]


I. Kick at the rock, Sam Johnson, break your bones: But cloudy, cloudy is the stuff of stones. II. We […]

Praise In Summer

Obscurely yet most surely called to praise, As sometimes summer calls us all, I said The hills are heavens full […]