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On Death

TEll me thou safest End of all our Woe, Why wreched Mortals do avoid thee so: Thou gentle drier o’th’ […]


I Sing the Man that never Equal knew, Whose Mighty Arms all Asia did subdue, Whose Conquests through the spacious […]

Penelope to Ulysses

REturn my dearest Lord, at length return, Let me no longer your sad absence mourn, Ilium in Dust, does no […]

To the Queen

AS those who pass the Alps do say, The Rocks which first oppose their way, And so amazing-High do show, […]

A Farewel (To Worldly Joys.)

FArewel ye Unsubstantial Joyes, Ye Gilded Nothings, Gaudy Toyes, Too long ye have my Soul misled, Too long with Aiery […]

An Invective against Gold

OF all the Poisons that the fruitful Earth E’er yet brought forth, or Monsters she gave Birth, Nought to Mankind […]

The Miseries of Man

IN that so temperate Soil Arcadia nam’d, For fertile Pasturage by Poets fam’d; Stands a steep Hill, whose lofty jetting […]

A Pastoral Dialogue

Dorinda. SAbæan Perfumes fragrant Roses bring, With all the Flowers that Paint the gaudy Spring: Scatter them all in young […]

Love, the Soul of Poetry

WHen first Alexis did in Verse delight, His Muse in Low, but Graceful Numbers walk’t, And now and then a […]

The Discontent

I. HEre take no Care, take here no Care, my Muse, Nor ought of Art or Labour use: But let […]


ARise my Dove, from mid’st of Pots arise, Thy sully’d Habitation leave, To Dust no longer cleave, Unworthy they of […]

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