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My Heart Goes Out

My heart goes out to my Creator in love Who gave me Death, as end and remedy. All living creatures […]


I remember the Roman Emperor, one of the cruellest of them, Who used to visit for pleasure his poor prisoners […]

Pad, Pad

I always remember your beautiful flowers And the beautiful kimono you wore When you sat on the couch With that […]

Never Again

Never again will I weep And wring my hands And beat my head against the wall Because Me nolentem fata […]

Nor We Of Her To Him

He said no word of her to us Nor we of her to him, But oh it saddened us to […]

Alone In The Woods

Alone in the woods I felt The bitter hostility of the sky and the trees Nature has taught her creatures […]

The Jungle Husband

Dearest Evelyn, I often think of you Out with the guns in the jungle stew Yesterday I hittapotamus I put […]


He told his life story to Mrs. Courtly Who was a widow. ‘Let us get married shortly’, He said. ‘I […]

Away, Melancholy

Away, melancholy, Away with it, let it go. Are not the trees green, The earth as green? Does not the […]

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