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The Trusting Heart

Oh, I’d been better dying, Oh, I was slow and sad; A fool I was, a-crying About a cruel lad! […]

A Well-Worn Story

In April, in April, My one love came along, And I ran the slope of my high hill To follow […]

Second Love

“So surely is she mine,” you say, and turn Your quick and steady mind to harder things- To bills and […]


We shall have our little day. Take my hand and travel still Round and round the little way, Up and […]

On Cheating The Fiddler

“Then we will have tonight!” we said. “Tomorrow – may we not be dead?” The morrow touched our eyes, and […]


Too long and quickly have I lived to vow The woe that stretches me shall never wane, Too often seen […]

The Evening Primrose

You know the bloom, unearthly white, That none has seen by morning light- The tender moon, alone, may bare Its […]

The Immortals

If you should sail for Trebizond, or die, Or cry another name in your first sleep, Or see me board […]


My heart went fluttering with fear Lest you should go, and leave me here To beat my breast and rock […]

A Very Short Song

Once, when I was young and true, Someone left me sad- Broke my brittle heart in two; And that is […]


Into love and out again, Thus I went, and thus I go. Spare your voice, and hold your pen- Well […]

The Whistling Girl

Back of my back, they talk of me, Gabble and honk and hiss; Let them batten, and let them be- […]

Somebody’s Song

This is what I vow; He shall have my heart to keep, Sweetly will we stir and sleep, All the […]

The Sea

Who lay against the sea, and fled, Who lightly loved the wave, Shall never know, when he is dead, A […]


And if my heart be scarred and burned, The safer, I, for all I learned; The calmer, I, to see […]


The ladies men admire, I’ve heard, Would shudder at a wicked word. Their candle gives a single light; They’d rather […]


The day that I was christened- It’s a hundred years, and more!- A hag came and listened At the white […]


I shall tread, another year, Ways I walked with Grief, Past the dry, ungarnered ear And the brittle leaf. I […]

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