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The ladies men admire, I’ve heard, Would shudder at a wicked word. Their candle gives a single light; They’d rather […]


The day that I was christened- It’s a hundred years, and more!- A hag came and listened At the white […]


I shall tread, another year, Ways I walked with Grief, Past the dry, ungarnered ear And the brittle leaf. I […]


How shall I wail, that wasn’t meant for weeping? Love has run and left me, oh, what then? Dream, then, […]

The Thin Edge

With you, my heart is quiet here, And all my thoughts are cool as rain. I sit and let the […]

The Apple Tree

When first we saw the apple tree The boughs were dark and straight, But never grief to give had we, […]

Autumn Valentine

In May my heart was breaking- Oh, wide the wound, and deep! And bitter it beat at waking, And sore […]

On Being A Woman

Why is it, when I am in Rome, I’d give an eye to be at home, But when on native […]

A Certain Lady

Oh, I can smile for you, and tilt my head, And drink your rushing words with eager lips, And paint […]

Mortal Enemy

Let another cross his way- She’s the one will do the weeping! Little need I fear he’ll stray Since I […]

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