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The Willow

On sweet young earth where the myrtle presses, Long we lay, when the May was new; The willow was winding […]


They hail you as their morning star Because you are the way you are. If you return the sentiment, They’ll […]

A Dream Lies Dead

A dream lies dead here. May you softly go Before this place, and turn away your eyes, Nor seek to […]


Lilacs blossom just as sweet Now my heart is shattered. If I bowled it down the street, Who’s to say […]

The Homebody

There still are kindly things for me to know, Who am afraid to dream, afraid to feel- This little chair […]

The Dramatists

A string of shiny days we had, A spotless sky, a yellow sun; And neither you nor I was sad […]

Vers Demode

For one, the amaryllis and the rose; The poppy, sweet as never lilies are; The ripen’d vine, that beckons as […]


Always I knew that it could not last (Gathering clouds, and the snowflakes flying), Now it is part of the […]


Four be the things I am wiser to know: Idleness, sorrow, a friend, and a foe. Four be the things […]


Were you to cross the world, my dear, To work or love or fight, I could be calm and wistful […]


Every love’s the love before In a duller dress. That’s the measure of my lore- Here’s my bitterness: Would I […]


For this my mother wrapped me warm, And called me home against the storm, And coaxed my infant nights to […]

For An Unknown Lady

Lady, if you’d slumber sound, Keep your eyes upon the ground. If you’d toss and turn at night, Slip your […]


Oh, when I flung my heart away, The year was at its fall. I saw my dear, the other day, […]

Daylight Saving

My answers are inadequate To those demanding day and date And ever set a tiny shock Through strangers asking what’s […]


God’s acre was her garden-spot, she said; She sat there often, of the Summer days, Little and slim and sweet, […]

The Maid-Servant At The Inn

“It’s queer,” she said; “I see the light As plain as I beheld it then, All silver-like and calm and […]

My Own

Then let them point my every tear, And let them mock and moan; Another week, another year, And I’ll be […]

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