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The Hinterland

You speak to me, but does your speech With truest truth your thought convey? I listen to your words and […]

Oh, It Is Good

Oh, it is good to drink and sup, And then beside the kindly fire To smoke and heap the faggots […]

Old Boy Scout

A bonny bird I found today Mired in a melt of tar; Its silky breast was silver-grey, Its wings were […]

Work And Joy

Each day I live I thank the Lord I do the work I love; And in it find a rich […]


I used to sing, when I was young, The joy of idleness; But now I’m grey I hold my tongue, […]


Although I have a car of class, A limousine, I also have a jenny ass I call Titine. And if […]

The Goat And I

Each sunny day upon my way A goat I pass; He has a beard of silver grey, A bell of […]

The Harpy

There was a woman, and she was wise; woefully wise was she; She was old, so old, yet her years […]


“If you repent,” the Parson said,” Your sins will be forgiven. Aye, even on your dying bed You’re not too […]


His portrait hung upon the wall. Oh how at us he used to stare. Each Sunday when I made my […]

The Land God Forgot

The lonely sunsets flare forlorn Down valleys dreadly desolate; The lordly mountains soar in scorn As still as death, as […]

Tipperary Days

Oh, weren’t they the fine boys! You never saw the beat of them, Singing all together with their throats bronze-bare; […]

Reptiles And Roses

So crystal clear it is to me That when I die I cease to be, All else seems sheer stupidity. […]

While The Bannock Bakes

Light up your pipe again, old chum, and sit awhile with me; I’ve got to watch the bannock bake how […]

Violet De Vere

You’ve heard of Violet de Vere, strip-teaser of renown, Whose sitting-base out-faired the face of any girl in town; Well, […]

Two Men (J. L. And R. B.)

In the Northland there were three Pukka Pliers of the pen; Two of them had Fame in fee And were […]

The Lure Of Little Voices

There’s a cry from out the loneliness oh, listen, Honey, listen! Do you hear it, do you fear it, you’re […]

The Other One

“Gather around me, children dear; The wind is high and the night is cold; Closer, little ones, snuggle near; Let’s […]

Lottery Ticket

‘A ticket for the lottery I’ve purchased every week,’ said she ‘For years a score Though desperately poor am I, […]


So easy ’tis to make a rhyme, That did the world but know it, Your coachman might Parnassus climb, Your […]

My Room

I think the things I own and love Acquire a sense of me, That gives them value far above The […]

The Smoking Frog

Three men I saw beside a bar, Regarding o’er their bottle, A frog who smoked a rank cigar They’d jammed […]

Café Comedy

She I’m waiting for the man I hope to wed. I’ve never seen him – that’s the funny part. I […]


The English and the French were met Upon the field of future battle; The foes were formidably set And waiting […]

A Song Of Success

Ho! we were strong, we were swift, we were brave. Youth was a challenge, and Life was a fight. All […]


I do not swear because I am A sweet and sober guy; I cannot vent a single damn However hard […]

The Yukoner

He burned a hole in frozen muck, He pierced the icy mould, And there in six-foot dirt he struck A […]

Include Me Out

I grabbed the new Who’s Who to see My name – but it was not. Said I: “The form they […]

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