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Let us have birthdays every day, (I had the thought while I was shaving) Because a birthday should be gay, […]


Because my teeth are feebly few I cannot bolt my grub like you, But have to chew and chew and […]

The Idealist

Oh you who have daring deeds to tell! And you who have felt Ambition’s spell! Have you heard of the […]

The Little Workgirl

Three gentlemen live close beside me A painter of pictures bizarre, A poet whose virtues might guide me, A singer […]


Before the florid portico I watched the gamblers come and go, While by me on a bench there sat A […]

You And Me

I’m part of people I have known And they are part of me; The seeds of thought that I have […]

The Hand

Throughout my life I see A guiding hand; The pitfalls set for me Were grimly planned. But always when and […]

White Christmas

My folks think I’m a serving maid Each time I visit home; They do not dream I ply a trade […]

The Robbers

Alas! I see that thrushes three Are ravishing my old fig tree, In whose green shade I smoked my pipe […]

Brave New World

One spoke: “Come, let us gaily go With laughter, love and lust, Since in a century or so We’ll all […]


Tick-tocking in my ear My dollar clock I hear. ‘Arise,’ it seems to say: ‘Behold another day To grasp the […]


Some praise the Lord for Light, The living spark; I thank God for the Night The healing dark. When wearily […]

My Favoured Fare

Some poets sing of scenery; Some to fair maids make sonnets sweet. A fig for love and greenery, Be mine […]


I gave an eye to save from night A babe born blind; And now with eager semi-sight Vast joy I […]

God’s Grief

“Lord God of Hosts,” the people pray, “Make strong our arms that we may slay Our cursed foe and win […]

No Sunday Chicken

I could have sold him up because His rent was long past due; And Grimes, my lawyer, said it was […]

Convicts Love Canaries

Dick’s dead! It was the Polack guard Put powdered glass into his cage When I was tramping round the yard, […]


Men have navels more or less; Some are neat, some not Being fat I must confess Mine is far from […]

Dram-Shop Ditty

I drink my fill of foamy ale I sing a song, I tell a tale, I play the fiddle; My […]


Each morning as I catch my bus, A-fearing I’ll be late, I think: there are in all of us Two […]

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