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Boxer’s Wife

She phoned them when the Round was Eight: ‘How is my Joe?’ they heard her say. They answered: ‘Gee! He’s […]


That scathing word I used in scorn (Though half a century ago) Comes back to me this April morn, Like […]

My Cuckoo Clock

I bought a cuckoo clock And glad was I To hear its tick and tock, Its dulcet cry. But Jones, […]

Mad Maria

Mad Maria in the Square Sits upon a wicker chair. When the keeper asks the price Mad Maria counts her […]

The Buyers

Father drank himself to death, Quite enjoyed it. Urged to draw a sober breath He’d avoid it. ‘Save your sympathy,’ […]


When young I was a Socialist Despite my tender years; No blessed chance I ever missed To slam the profiteers. […]

Spanish Peasant

We have no aspiration vain For paradise Utopian, And here in our sun-happy Spain, Though man exploit his fellow man, […]

Book Borrower

I am a mild man, you’ll agree, But red my rage is, When folks who borrow books from me Turn […]

Lip-Stick Liz

Oh Lip-Stick Liz was in the biz, That’s the oldest known in history; She had a lot of fancy rags, […]


Lolling on a bank of thyme Drunk with Spring I made this rhyme. . . . Though peoples perish in […]

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