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My Dog

‘Twas in a pub just off the Strand When I was in my cups, There passed a bloke with in […]

The Alcázar

The General now lives in town; He’s eighty odd, they say; You’ll see him strolling up and down The Prada […]


Zut! it’s two o’clock. See! the lights are jumping. Finish up your bock, Time we all were humping. Waiters stack […]


Young man, gather gold and gear, They will wear you well; You can thumb your nose at fear, Wish the […]


“Carry your suitcase, Sir?” he said. I turned away to hide a grin, For he was shorter by a head […]

Sea Change

I saw a Priest in beetle black Come to our golden beach, And I was taken sore aback Lest he […]

Dedication To Providence

I loved to toy with tuneful rhyme, My fancies into verse to weave; For as I walked my words would […]

Heart O’ The North

And when I come to the dim trail-end, I who have been Life’s rover, This is all I would ask, […]

The Parting

Sky’s a-waxin’ grey, Got to be a-goin’; Gittin’ on my way, Where? I ain’t a-knowin’. Fellers, no more jokes, Fun […]

I Will Not Fight

I will not fight: though proud of pith I hold no one worth striving with; And should resentment burn my […]


When I am dead I will not care How future generations fare, For I will be so unaware. Though fields […]


He wrote a play; by day and night He strove with passion and delight; Yet knew, long ere the curtain […]


We’d left the sea-gulls long behind, And we were almost in mid-ocean; The sky was soft and blue and kind, […]


How often have I started out With no thought in my noodle, And wandered here and there about, Where fancy […]

Home And Love

Just Home and Love! the words are small Four little letters unto each; And yet you will not find in […]

Lost Shepherd

Ah me! How hard is destiny! If we could only know. . . . I bought my son from Sicily […]

The Absinthe Drinkers

He’s yonder, on the terrace of the Cafe de la Paix, The little wizened Spanish man, I see him every […]


I thought I would go daft when Joey died. He was my first, and wise beyond his years. For nigh […]


Let laureates sing with rapturous swing Of the wonder and glory of work; Let pulpiteers preach and with passion impeach […]

Breath Is Enough

I draw sweet air Deeply and long, As pure as prayer, As sweet as song. Where lilies glow And roses […]

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