English poetry

Poems in English

You Take My Hand

You take my hand and I’m suddenly in a bad movie, It goes on and on and Why am I […]

This Is A Photograph Of Me

It was taken some time ago. At first it seems to be A smeared Print: blurred lines and grey flecks […]


My daughter plays on the floor With plastic letters, Red, blue & hard yellow, Learning how to spell, Spelling, How […]


Marriage is not A house or even a tent It is before that, and colder: The edge of the forest, […]

Variation On The Word Sleep

I would like to watch you sleeping, Which may not happen. I would like to watch you, Sleeping. I would […]

More and More

More and more frequently the edges Of me dissolve and I become A wish to assimilate the world, including You, […]

Morning in the Burned House

In the burned house I am eating breakfast. You understand: there is no house, there is no breakfast, Yet here […]


I’m thinking about you. What else can I say? The palm trees on the reverse Are a delusion; so is […]

Backdropp Addresses Cowboy

Starspangled cowboy Sauntering out of the almost- Silly West, on your face A porcelain grin, Tugging a papier-mache cactus On […]


What should we have taken With us? We never could decide On that; or what to wear, Or at what […]

The Rest

The rest of us watch from beyond the fence As the woman moves with her jagged stride Into her pain […]


Love is not a profession Genteel or otherwise Sex is not dentistry The slick filling of aches and cavities You […]

Night Poem

There is nothing to be afraid of, It is only the wind Changing to the east, it is only Your […]


All those times I was bored Out of my mind. Holding the log While he sawed it. Holding The string […]

A Visit

Gone are the days When you could walk on water. When you could walk. The days are gone. Only one […]

The Landlady

This is the lair of the landlady She is A raw voice Loose in the rooms beneath me. The continuous […]

The City Planners

Cruising these residential Sunday Streets in dry August sunlight: What offends us is The sanities: The houses in pedantic rows, […]

You Begin

You begin this way: This is your hand, This is your eye, This is a fish, blue and flat On […]

Siren Song

This is the one song everyone Would like to learn: the song That is irresistible: The song that forces men […]

The Shadow Voice

My shadow said to me: What is the matter Isn’t the moon warm Enough for you Why do you need […]

In The Secular Night

In the secular night you wander around Alone in your house. It’s two-thirty. Everyone has deserted you, Or this is […]

The Moment

The moment when, after many years Of hard work and a long voyage You stand in the centre of your […]

A Sad Child

You’re sad because you’re sad. It’s psychic. It’s the age. It’s chemical. Go see a shrink or take a pill, […]

Flying Inside Your Own Body

Your lungs fill & spread themselves, Wings of pink blood, and your bones Empty themselves and become hollow. When you […]