English poetry

Poems in English

A City Remembered

Unlovely city, to which few tourists come With squinting cameras and alien hats; Left under a cloud by those who […]

Where Shall We Go?

Waiting for her in the usual bar He finds she’s late again. Impatience frets at him, But not the fearful, […]

Schoolroom On A Wet Afternoon

The unrelated paragraphs of morning Are forgotten now; the severed heads of kings Rot by the misty Thames; the roses […]

The Men Who Wear My Clothes

Sleepless I lay last night and watched the slow Procession of the men who wear my clothes: First, the grey […]

Lesson In Grammar

THE SENTENCE Perhaps I can make it plain by analogy. Imagine a machine, not yet assembled, Each part being quite […]

Makers And Creatures

It is a curious experience And one you”re bound to know, though probably In other realms than that of literature, […]