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Poems in English

Pan liveth

They told me once that Pan was dead, And so, in sooth, I thought him; For vainly where the streamlets […]

The Conversazzhony

What conversazzhyonies wuz I really did not know, For that, you must remember, wuz a powerful spell ago; The camp […]

Chicago Weather

To-day, fair Thisbe, winsome girl! Strays o’er the meads where daisies blow, Or, ling’ring where the brooklets purl, Laves in […]

Madge: Ye Hoyden

At Madge, ye hoyden, gossips scofft, Ffor that a romping wench was shee “Now marke this rede,” they bade her […]

Little croodlin doo

Ho, pretty bee, did you see my croodlin doo? Ho, little lamb, is she jinkin’ on the lea? Ho, bonnie […]

Ben apfelgarten

There was a certain gentleman, Ben Apfelgarten called, Who lived way off in Germany a many years ago, And he […]

Japanese lullaby

Sleep, little pigeon, and fold your wings, Little blue pigeon with velvet eyes; Sleep to the singing of mother-bird swinging […]

The discreet collector

Down south there is a curio-shop Unknown to many men; Thereat do I intend to stop When I am south […]

The Bibliomaniac’s Prayer

Keep me, I pray, in wisdom’s way That I may truths eternal seek; I need protecting care to-day, My purse […]

Two valentines

I. TO MISTRESS BARBARA There were three cavaliers, all handsome and true, On Valentine’s day came a maiden to woo, […]


When I remark her golden hair Swoon on her glorious shoulders, I marvel not that sight so rare Doth ravish […]

Soldier, Maiden, and Flower

“Sweetheart, take this,” a soldier said, “And bid me brave good-by; It may befall we ne’er shall wed, But love […]

The Lyttel Boy

Sometime there ben a lyttel boy That wolde not renne and play, And helpless like that little tyke Ben allwais […]


(A BALLAD IN THE ANGLO-SAXON TONGUE) When to the dreary greenwood gloam Winfreda’s husband strode that day, The fair Winfreda […]

Dutch lullaby

Wynken, Blynken, and Nod one night Sailed off in a wooden shoe, Sailed on a river of misty light Into […]

Pittypat and Tippytoe

All day long they come and go Pittypat and Tippytoe; Footprints up and down the hall, Playthings scattered on the […]

The wind

(THE TALE) Cometh the Wind from the garden, fragrant and full of sweet singing Under my tree where I sit […]

The Twenty-Third Psalm

My Shepherd is the Lord my God, There is no want I know; His flock He leads in verdant meads, […]

Some time

Last night, my darling, as you slept, I thought I heard you sigh, And to your little crib I crept, […]

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