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Poems in English

Stoves and sunshine

Prate, ye who will, of so-called charms you find across the sea The land of stoves and sunshine is good […]

Long ago

I once knew all the birds that came And nested in our orchard trees; For every flower I had a […]

Little Willie

When Willie was a little boy, No more than five or six, Right constantly he did annoy His mother with […]

Star of the east

Star of the East, that long ago Brought wise men on their way Where, angels singing to and fro, The […]

When i was a boy

Up in the attic where I slept When I was a boy, a little boy, In through the lattice the […]

A paraphrase

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name; Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth, in […]

Chrystmasse of Olde

God rest you, Chrysten gentil men, Wherever you may be, God rest you all in fielde or hall, Or on […]

In The Firelight

The fire upon the hearth is low, And there is stillness everywhere, While like winged spirits, here and there, The […]

Mysterious doings

As once I rambled in the woods I chanced to spy amid the brake A huntsman ride his way beside […]

Seein' things

I ain’t afeard uv snakes, or toads, or bugs, or worms, or mice, An’ things ‘at girls are skeered uv […]

Lyman, frederick, and jim

(FOR THE FELLOWSHIP CLU Lyman and Frederick and Jim, one day, Set out in a great big ship Steamed to […]

The drum

I’m a beautiful red, red drum, And I train with the soldier boys; As up the street we come, Wonderful […]

A piteous plaint

I cannot eat my porridge, I weary of my play; No longer can I sleep at night, No longer romp […]

Little-oh dear

See, what a wonderful garden is here, Planted and trimmed for my Little-Oh-Dear! Posies so gaudy and grass of such […]

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