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Poems in English

Sister’s cake

I’d not complain of Sister Jane, for she was good and kind, Combining with rare comeliness distinctive gifts of mind; […]

The Sugar-Plum Tree

Have you ever heard of the Sugar-Plum Tree? ‘T is a marvel of great renown! It blooms on the shore […]

The humming top

The top it hummeth a sweet, sweet song To my dear little boy at play – Merrily singeth all day […]

The bottle tree

A bottle tree bloometh in Winkyway land – Heigh-ho for a bottle, I say! A snug little berth in that […]

At play

Play that you are mother dear, And play that papa is your beau; Play that we sit in the corner […]

Little miss brag

Little Miss Brag has much to say To the rich little lady from over the way And the rich little […]

A Valentine

Go, Cupid, and my sweetheart tell I love her well. Yes, though she tramples on my heart And rends that […]


Suppose, my dear, that you were I And by your side your sweetheart sate; Suppose you noticed by and by […]

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