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Shuffle-Shoon and Amber-Locks

Shuffle-Shoon and Amber-Locks Sit together, building blocks; Shuffle-Shoon is old and grey, Amber-Locks a little child, But together at their […]

The two little skeezucks

There were two little skeezucks who lived in the isle Of Boo in a southern sea; They clambered and rollicked […]


There were three cavaliers that went over the Rhine, And gayly they called to the hostess for wine. “And where […]

With Trumpet and Drum

With big tin trumpet and little red drum, Marching like soldiers, the children come! It ‘s this way and that […]

Mother and sphinx

(EGYPTIAN FOLK-SONG) Grim is the face that looks into the night Over the stretch of sands; A sullen rock in […]

The singing in god’s acre

Out yonder in the moonlight, wherein God’s Acre lies, Go angels walking to and fro, singing their lullabies. Their radiant […]

The Bench-Legged Fyce

Speakin’ of dorgs, my bench-legged fyce Hed most o’ the virtues, an’ nary a vice. Some folks called him Sooner, […]

The Little Peach

A little peach in the orchard grew, A little peach of emerald hue; Warmed by the sun and wet by […]

Dr. sam

TO MISS GRACE KING Down in the old French quarter, Just out of Rampart street, I wend my way At […]

The Divine Lullaby

I hear Thy voice, dear Lord; I hear it by the stormy sea When winter nights are black and wild, […]

A drinking song

Come, brothers, share the fellowship We celebrate to-night; There’s grace of song on every lip And every heart is light! […]

Ballad of women i love

Prudence Mears hath an old blue plate Hid away in an oaken chest, And a Franklin platter of ancient date […]

A heine love song

The image of the moon at night All trembling in the ocean lies, But she, with calm and steadfast light, […]

Marthy’s younkit

The mountain brook sung lonesomelike, and loitered on its way Ez if it waited for a child to jine it […]

The peter-bird

Out of the woods by the creek cometh a calling for Peter, And from the orchard a voice echoes and […]

Little all-aloney

Little All-Aloney’s feet Pitter-patter in the hall, And his mother runs to meet And to kiss her toddling sweet, Ere […]

By my sweetheart

Sweetheart, be my sweetheart When birds are on the wing, When bee and bud and babbling flood Bespeak the birth […]

The Bibliomaniac’s Bride

The women-folk are like to books, Most pleasing to the eye, Whereon if anybody looks He feels disposed to buy. […]

The straw parlor

Way up at the top of a big stack of straw Was the cunningest parlor that ever you saw! And […]

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