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In a great land, a new land, a land full of labour And riches and confusion, Where there were many […]

Victor Hugo

Heart of France for a hundred years, Passionate, sensitive, proud, and strong, Quick to throb with her hopes and fears, […]

Spring in the South

Now in the oak the sap of life is welling, Tho’ to the bough the rusty leafage clings; Now on […]

Jesus, Thou Divine Companion

Jesus, Thou divine Companion, By Thy lowly human birth Thou hast come to join the workers, Burden bearers of the […]

Mother Earth

Mother of all the high-strung poets and singers departed, Mother of all the grass that weaves over their graves the […]

The Hermit Thrush

O wonderful! How liquid clear The molten gold of that ethereal tone, Floating and falling through the wood alone, A […]

The Vain King

In robes of Tyrian blue the King was drest, A jewelled collar shone upon his breast, A giant ruby glittered […]

The Black Birds

I Once, only once, I saw it clear, That Eden every human heart has dreamed A hundred times, but always […]


I love thine inland seas, Thy groves of giant trees, Thy rolling plains; Thy rivers’ mighty sweep, Thy mystic canyons […]

Love in a Look

Let me but feel thy look’s embrace, Transparent, pure, and warm, And I’ll not ask to touch thy face, Or […]

Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee

Joyful, joyful we adore Thee, God of glory, Lord of love, Hearts unfold like flowers before Thee, hail Thee as […]

Dulcis Memoria

Long, long ago I heard a little song, (Ah, was it long ago, or yesterday?) So lowly, slowly wound the […]

Doors of Daring

The mountains that enfold the vale With walls of granite, steep and high, Invite the fearless foot to scale Their […]

Jeanne d’Arc Returns

1914-1916 What hast thou done, O womanhood of France, Mother and daughter, sister, sweetheart, wife, What hast thou done, amid […]

An American in Europe

‘Tis fine to see the Old World, and travel up and down Among the famous palaces and cities of renown, […]

Hide and Seek

All the trees are sleeping, all the winds are still, All the flocks of fleecy clouds have wandered past the […]


Break off! Dance no more! Danger is at the door. Music is in arms. To signal war’s alarms. Hark, a […]


Yes, it was like you to forget, And cancel in the welcome of your smile My deep arrears of debt, […]

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