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The Message

Waking from tender sleep, My neighbour’s little child Put out his baby hand to me, Looked in my face, and […]

The Foolish Fir-Tree

A tale that the poet Rückert told To German children, in days of old; Disguised in a random, rollicking rhyme […]

America’s Prosperity

They tell me thou art rich, my country: gold In glittering flood has poured into thy chest; Thy flocks and […]

God of the Open Air

I Thou who hast made thy dwelling fair With flowers beneath, above with starry lights, And set thine altars everywhere, […]

Homeward Bound

Home, for my heart still calls me; Home, through the danger zone; Home, whatever befalls me, I will sail again […]


Not to the swift, the race: Not to the strong, the fight: Not to the righteous, perfect grace: Not to […]

The Proud Lady

When Stiivoren town was in its prime And queened the Zuyder Zee, Its ships went out to every clime With […]

Christ of Everywhere

“Christ of the Andes,” Christ of Everywhere, Great lover of the hills, the open air, And patient lover of impatient […]

The Glory of Ships

The glory of ships is an old, old song, Since the days when the sea-rovers ran In their open boats […]

Francis Makemie

(Presbyter of Christ in Americas 1683-1708) To thee, plain hero of a rugged race, We bring the meed of praise […]

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