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La dètresse s’enroule

Poem by Anne-Marie Derése. Le volcan en attente au fond de nous Ronge, creuse, tremble, Soupése ses chances. La dètresse […]

Tic Douloureux

The trigger is sensation. The violin’s a dirty animal. I want you to take away the suddenness. Pain up the […]

Field Thistle

Herb and spine, The flat-fisted dream Of stars and dew Formed when he walked With his telescope Through grasses spotted […]


When the Cherry Rustles above her head She hardly realizes Why she leaves Her clothes on the rocks, Passes a […]

The Vagaries of Fishes

After they passed beneath us I could tell More would be coming, beneath the sand, Under the bejeweled sky, under […]

Visage volè l’oiseau

Poem by Anne-Marie Derése Je ne sais qui tu caches Sous ton visage inventè, Ton visage volè l’oiseau, Emprisonnè de […]