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Poems in English

Twenty-First. Night. Monday

Twenty-first. Night. Monday. Silhouette of the capitol in darkness. Some good-for-nothing who knows why Made up the tale that love […]


I pray to the sunbeam from the window – It is pale, thin, straight. Since morning I have been silent, […]


Celebrate our anniversary – can’t you see Tonight the snowy night of our first winter Comes back again in every […]


Do not cry for me, Mother, seeing me in the grave. I This greatest hour was hallowed and thandered By […]


Not under foreign skies Nor under foreign wings protected – I shared all this with my own people There, where […]

Lot’s Wife

And the just man trailed God’s shining agent, Over a black mountain, in his giant track, While a restless voice […]

You Will Hear Thunder

You will hear thunder and remember me, And think: she wanted storms. The rim Of the sky will be the […]


There will be thunder then. Remember me. Say ‘ She asked for storms.’ The entire World will turn the colour […]


So many stones have been thrown at me, That I’m not frightened of them anymore, And the pit has become […]

Why Is This Age Worse…?

Why is this age worse than earlier ages? In a stupor of grief and dread Have we not fingered the […]

March Elegy

I have enough treasures from the past To last me longer than I need, or want. You know as well […]

White Night

There will be thunder then. Remember me. Say ‘ She asked for storms.’ The entire World will turn the colour […]

I Wrung My Hands

I wrung my hands under my dark veil. . . “Why are you pale, what makes you reckless?” Because I […]

Memory Of Sun

Memory of sun seeps from the heart. Grass grows yellower. Faintly if at all the early snowflakes Hover, hover. Water […]


And I grew up in patterned tranquillity, In the cool nursery of the young century. And the voice of man […]

For Osip Mandelstam

And the town is frozen solid in a vice, Trees, walls, snow, beneath a glass. Over crystal, on slippery tracks […]

The Sentence

And the stone word fell On my still-living breast. Never mind, I was ready. I will manage somehow. Today I […]

In Memory of M. B

Here is my gift, not roses on your grave, Not sticks of burning incense. You lived aloof, maintaining to the […]

Lying in me

Lying in me, as though it were a white Stone in the depths of a well, is one Memory that […]


Everything’s looted, betrayed and traded, Black death’s wing’s overhead. Everything’s eaten by hunger, unsated, So why does a light shine […]

Under Her Dark Veil

Under her dark veil she wrung her hands. “Why are you so pale today?” “Because I made him drink of […]