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White Night

There will be thunder then. Remember me.
Say ‘ She asked for storms.’ The entire
World will turn the colour of crimson stone,
And your heart, as then, will turn to fire.

That day, in Moscow, a true prophecy,
When for the last time I say goodbye,
Soaring to the heavens that I longed to see,
Leaving mI haven’t locked the door,
Nor lit the candles,
You don’t know, don’t care,
That tired I haven’t the strength
To decide to go to bed.
Seeing the fields fade in
The sunset murk of pine-needles,
And to know all is lost,

That life is a cursed hell:
I’ve got drunk
On your voice in the doorway.
I was sure you’d come back.

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Poem White Night - Anna Akhmatova