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The Strength of the Lonely

(What the Mendicant Said ) The moon’s a monk, unmated, Who walks his cell, the sky. His strength is that […]


FOR A VERY LITTLE GIRL, NOT A YEAR OLD. CATHARINE FRAZEE WAKEFIELD. The sun gives not directly The coal, the […]

To Reformers in Despair

‘Tis not too late to build our young land right, Cleaner than Holland, courtlier than Japan, Devout like early Rome, […]

The Moon is a Painter

He coveted her portrait. He toiled as she grew gay. She loved to see him labor In that devoted way. […]

The Knight in Disguise

[Concerning O. Henry (Sidney Porter)] “He could not forget that he was a Sidney.” Is this Sir Philip Sidney, this […]

Love and Law

TRUE Love is founded in rocks of Remembrance In stones of Forbearance and mortar of pain. The workman lays wearily […]

Ghosts in Love

“Tell me, where do ghosts in love Find their bridal veils?” “If you and I were ghosts in love We’d […]

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