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Yankee Doodle

This poem is intended as a description of a sort of Blashfield mural painting on the sky. To be sung […]

The Traveller-Heart

(To a Man who maintained that the Mausoleum is the Stateliest Possible Manner of Interment) I would be one with […]

How a Little Girl Danced

DEDICATED TO LUCY BATES (Being a reminiscence of certain private theatricals.) Oh, cabaret dancer, I know a dancer, Whose eyes […]

The Haughty Snail-King

Twelve snails went walking after night. They’d creep an inch or so, Then stop and bug their eyes And blow. […]

The Mysterious Cat

A chant for a children’s pantomime dance, suggested by a picture painted by George Mather Richards. I saw a proud, […]

The Flower of Mending

(To Eudora, after I had had certain dire adventures.) When Dragon-fly would fix his wings, When Snail would patch his […]

The Scissors-Grinder

The old man had his box and wheel For grinding knives and shears. No doubt his bell in village streets […]

Above the Battle’s Front

St. Francis, Buddha, Tolstoi, and St. John – Friends, if you four, as pilgrims, hand in hand, Returned, the hate […]

Darling Daughter of Babylon

Too soon you wearied of our tears. And then you danced with spangled feet, Leading Belshazzar’s chattering court A-tinkling through […]

On The Garden Wall

Oh, once I walked a garden In dreams. ‘Twas yellow grass. And many orange-trees grew there In sand as white […]

The Bankrupt Peace-Maker

I opened the ink-well and smoke filled the room. The smoke formed the giant frog-cat of my doom. His web […]


OLD Euclid drew a circle On a sand-beach long ago. He bounded and enclosed it With angles thus and so. […]

On Reading Omar Khayyam

[During an anti-saloon campaign, in central Illinois.] In the midst of the battle I turned, (For the thunders could flourish […]

Honor Among Scamps

We are the smirched. Queen Honor is the spotless. We slept thro’ wars where Honor could not sleep. We were […]

What the Moon Saw

Two statesmen met by moonlight. Their ease was partly feigned. They glanced about the prairie. Their faces were constrained. In […]

The Eagle That is Forgotten

Sleep softly… eagle forgotten… under the stone. Time has its way with you there, and the clay has its own. […]

The Lion

The Lion is a kingly beast. He likes a Hindu for a feast. And if no Hindu he can get, […]

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