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“If I could set the moon upon This table,” said my friend, “Among the standard poets And brouchures without end, […]

Drying Their Wings

What the Carpenter Said THE moon’s a cottage with a door. Some folks can see it plain. Look, you may […]


Would that by Hindu magic we became Dark monks of jeweled India long ago, Sitting at Prince Siddartha’s feet to […]

What the Sexton Said

Your dust will be upon the wind Within some certain years, Though you be sealed in lead to-day Amid the […]

Sweethearts of the Year

Sweetheart Spring Our Sweetheart, Spring, came softly, Her gliding hands were fire, Her lilac breath upon our cheeks Consumed us […]


I Within the town of Buffalo Are prosy men with leaden eyes. Like ants they worry to and fro, (Important […]

Beyond the Moon

[Written to the Most Beautiful Woman in the World] M< sweetheart is the truth beyond the moon, And never have […]

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Elizabeth Barrett Browning Sat gossiping with Robert. (She was really a raving beauty in her day. With Mary Pickford curls […]

Heart of God

O great heart of God, Once vague and lost to me, Why do I throb with your throb to-night, In […]

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