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On My Birthday, July 21

I, MY dear, was born to-day So all my jolly comrades say: They bring me music, wreaths, and mirth, And […]


How old may Phyllis be, you ask, Whose beauty thus all hearts engages? To answer is no easy task; For […]

A Better Answer

Dear Chloe, how blubbered is that pretty face; Thy cheek all on fire, and thy hair all uncurled! Prithee quit […]

To a Lady

Spare, gen’rous victor, spare the slave, Who did unequal war pursue; That more than triumph he might have, In being […]

Cupid Mistaken

As after noon, one summer’s day, Venus stood bathing in a river; Cupid a-shooting went that way, New strung his […]

For my own Monument

AS doctors give physic by way of prevention, Mat, alive and in health, of his tombstone took care; For delays […]

Jinny the Just

Releas’d from the noise of the butcher and baker Who, my old friends be thanked, did seldom forsake her, And […]

The Question to Lisetta

WHAT nymph should I admire or trust, But Chloe beauteous, Chloe just? What nymph should I desire to see, But […]