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Song-Books of the War

In fifty years, when peace outshines Remembrance of the battle lines, Adventurous lads will sigh and cast Proud looks upon […]

Died of Wounds

His wet white face and miserable eyes Brought nurses to him more than groans and sighs: But hoarse and low […]


October’s bellowing anger breaks and cleaves The bronzed battalions of the stricken wood In whose lament I hear a voice […]


You were glad to-night: and now you’ve gone away. Flushed in the dark, you put your dreams to bed; But […]

The Kiss

To these I turn, in these I trust; Brother Lead and Sister Steel. To his blind power I make appeal; […]

Morning Express

Along the wind-swept platform, pinched and white, The travellers stand in pools of wintry light, Offering themselves to morn’s long, […]

To His Dead Body

When roaring gloom surged inward and you cried, Groping for friendly hands, and clutched, and died, Like racing smoke, swift […]


No doubt they’ll soon get well; the shock and strain Have caused their stammering, disconnected talk. Of course they’re ‘longing […]

David Cleek

I cannot think that Death will press his claim To snuff you out or put you off your game: You’ll […]

Wind in the Beechwood

The glorying forest shakes and swings with glancing Of boughs that dip and strain; young, slanting sprays Beckon and shift […]


If you could crowd them into forty lines! Yes; you can do it, once you get a start; All that […]

A Letter Home

(To Robert Graves) I Here I’m sitting in the gloom Of my quiet attic room. France goes rolling all around, […]


In the grey summer garden I shall find you With day-break and the morning hills behind you. There will be […]

The Redeemer

Darkness: the rain sluiced down; the mire was deep; It was past twelve on a mid-winter night, When peaceful folk […]

Their Frailty

He’s got a Blighty wound. He’s safe; and then War’s fine and bold and bright. She can forget the doomed […]

Goblin Revel

In gold and grey, with fleering looks of sin, I watch them come; by two, by three, by four, Advancing […]

To a Very Wise Man

I Fires in the dark you build; tall quivering flames In the huge midnight forest of the unknown. Your soul […]

Night on the Convoy

(ALEXANDRIA-MARSEILLES) Out in the blustering darkness, on the deck A gleam of stars looks down. Long blurs of black, The […]

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