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This is To-day, a child in white and blue Running to meet me out of Night who stilled The ghost […]

Arcady Unheeding

Shepherds go whistling on their way In the spring season of the year; One watches weather-signs of day; One of […]

The Last Meeting

I Because the night was falling warm and still Upon a golden day at April’s end, I thought; I will […]

A Subaltern

He turned to me with his kind, sleepy gaze And fresh face slowly brightening to the grin That sets my […]


I dreamt I saw a huge grey boat in silence steaming Down a canal; it drew the dizzy landscape after; […]

Glory Of Women

You love us when we’re heroes, home on leave, Or wounded in a mentionable place. You worship decorations; you believe […]

Prelude to an Unwritten Masterpiece

You like my bird-sung gardens: wings and flowers; Calm landscapes for emotion; star-lit lawns; And Youth against the sun-rise… ‘Not […]

Storm and Sunlight

I In barns we crouch, and under stacks of straw, Harking the storm that rides a hurtling legion Up the […]


He stood alone in some queer sunless place Where Armageddon ends. Perhaps he longed For days he might have lived; […]

A Child’s Prayer

For Morn, my dome of blue, For Meadows, green and gay, And Birds who love the twilight of the leaves, […]


When old Noah stared across the floods, Sky and water melted into one Looking-glass of shifting tides and sun. Mountain-tops […]

The One-Legged Man

Propped on a stick he viewed the August weald; Squat orchard trees and oasts with painted cowls; A homely, tangled […]

A Whispered Tale

I’d heard fool-heroes brag of where they’d been, With stories of the glories that they’d seen. But you, good simple […]


Frail Travellers, deftly flickering over the flowers; O living flowers against the heedless blue Of summer days, what sends them […]

The Dug-Out

Why do you lie with your legs ungainly huddled, And one arm bent across your sullen, cold, Exhausted face? It […]


The Bishop tells us: ‘When the boys come back ‘They will not be the same; for they’ll have fought ‘In […]


When I was young my heart and head were light, And I was gay and feckless as a colt Out […]

Fancy Dress

Some Brave, awake in you to-night, Knocked at your heart: an eagle’s flight Stirred in the feather on your head. […]


And still they come and go: and this is all I know – That from the gloom I watch an […]

A Mystic As Soldier

I lived my days apart, Dreaming fair songs for God; By the glory in my heart Covered and crowned and […]

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