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Poems in English


Soldiers are citizens of death’s gray land, Drawing no dividend from time’s to-morrows. In the great hour of destiny they […]


Your dextrous wit will haunt us long Wounding our grief with yesterday. Your laughter is a broken song; And death […]


I found him in the guard-room at the Base. From the blind darkness I had heard his crying And blundered […]

I Stood With the Dead

I Stood with the Dead, so forsaken and still: When dawn was grey I stood with the Dead. And my […]

The Old Huntsman

I’ve never ceased to curse the day I signed A seven years’ bargain for the Golden Fleece. ‘Twas a bad […]

Before Day

Come in this hour to set my spirit free When earth is no more mine though night goes out, And […]

Tree and Sky

Let my soul, a shining tree, Silver branches lift towards thee, Where on a hallowed winter’s night The clear-eyed angels […]


I’ve listened: and all the sounds I heard Were music,-wind, and stream, and bird. With youth who sang from hill […]

The Fathers

Snug at the club two fathers sat, Gross, goggle-eyed, and full of chat. One of them said: ‘My eldest lad […]

The Dragon & The Undying

All night the flares go up; the Dragon sings And beats upon the dark with furious wings; And, stung to […]

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