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Poems in English

34. Remorse: A Fragment

OF all the numerous ills that hurt our peace, That press the soul, or wring the mind with anguish Beyond […]

131. Song-Willie Chalmers

WI’ braw new branks in mickle pride, And eke a braw new brechan, My Pegasus I’m got astride, And up […]

199. Song-My Peggy’s Charms

MY Peggy’s face, my Peggy’s form, The frost of hermit Age might warm; My Peggy’s worth, my Peggy’s mind, Might […]

43. Song-O Leave Novels!

O LEAVE novels, 1 ye Mauchline belles, Ye’re safer at your spinning-wheel; Such witching books are baited hooks For rakish […]

216. Song-Duncan Davison

THERE was a lass, they ca’d her Meg, And she held o’er the moors to spin; There was a lad […]

90. Epistle to James Smith

DEAR SMITH, the slee’st, pawkie thief, That e’er attempted stealth or rief! Ye surely hae some warlock-brief Owre human hearts; […]

103. To Ruin

ALL hail! inexorable lord! At whose destruction-breathing word, The mightiest empires fall! Thy cruel, woe-delighted train, The ministers of grief […]

My Heart’s In The Highlands

Farewell to the Highlands, farewell to the North, The birth-place of Valour, the country of Worth; Wherever I wander, wherever […]

309. Verses on Captain Grose

KEN ye aught o’ Captain Grose?-Igo, and ago, If he’s amang his friends or foes?-Iram, coram, dago. Is he to […]

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