English poetry

Poems in English

89. The Ordination

KILMARNOCK wabsters, fidge an’ claw, An’ pour your creeshie nations; An’ ye wha leather rax an’ draw, Of a’ denominations; […]

129. The Calf

RIGHT, sir! your text I’ll prove it true, Tho’ heretics may laugh; For instance, there’s yourself just now, God knows, […]

368. Song-Scroggam, my dearie

THERE was a wife wonn’d in Cockpen, Scroggam; She brew’d gude ale for gentlemen; Sing auld Cowl lay ye down […]

Coming Through The Rye

Coming thro’ the rye, poor body, Coming thro’ the rye, She draiglet a’ her petticoatie Coming thro’ the rye. O, […]

416. Song-Logan Braes

O LOGAN, sweetly didst thou glide, That day I was my Willie’s bride, And years sin syne hae o’er us […]

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