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A little ink more or less!

A little ink more or less! I surely can’t matter? Even the sky and the opulent sea, The plains and […]

Ay, workman, make me a dream

Ay, workman, make me a dream, A dream for my love. Cunningly weave sunlight, Breezes, and flowers. Let it be […]

On the desert

On the desert A silence from the moon’s deepest valley. Fire rays fall athwart the robes Of hooded men, squat […]

Once there was a man

Once there was a man Oh, so wise! In all drink He detected the bitter, And in all touch He […]

In heaven

In heaven, Some little blades of grass Stood before God. “What did you do?” Then all save one of the […]

A spirit sped

A spirit sped Through spaces of night; And as he sped, he called, “God! God!” He went through valleys Of […]

And you love me

And you love me I love you. You are, then, cold coward. Aye; but, beloved, When I strive to come […]

Each small gleam was a voice

Each small gleam was a voice, A lantern voice In little songs of carmine, violet, green, gold. A chorus of […]

To the maiden

To the maiden The sea was blue meadow, Alive with little froth-people Singing. To the sailor, wrecked, The sea was […]

In the desert

In the desert I saw a creature, naked, bestial, Who, squatting upon the ground, Held his heart in his hands, […]

I met a seer

I met a seer. He held in his hands The book of wisdom. “Sir,” I addressed him, “Let me read.” […]

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