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The wayfarer

The wayfarer, Perceiving the pathway to truth, Was struck with astonishment. It was thickly grown with weeds. “Ha,” he said, […]

A god in wrath

A god in wrath Was beating a man; He cuffed him loudly With thunderous blows That rang and rolled over […]

Love walked alone

Love walked alone. The rocks cut her tender feet, And the brambles tore her fair limbs. There came a companion […]

Charity thou art a lie

Charity thou art a lie, A toy of women, A pleasure of certain men. In the presence of justice, Lo, […]

In a lonely place

In a lonely place, I encountered a sage Who sat, all still, Regarding a newspaper. He accosted me: “Sir, what […]

There was, before me

There was, before me, Mile upon mile Of snow, ice, burning sand. And yet I could look beyond all this, […]

“Tell brave deeds of war.”

“Tell brave deeds of war.” Then they recounted tales, “There were stern stands And bitter runs for glory.” Ah, I […]

I stood upon a high place

I stood upon a high place, And saw, below, many devils Running, leaping, And carousing in sin. One looked up, […]

I stood upon a highway

I stood upon a highway, And, behold, there came Many strange peddlers. To me each one made gestures, Holding forth […]

There came whisperings in the winds

There came whisperings in the winds: “Good-bye! Good-bye!” Little voices called in the darkness: “Good-bye! Good-bye!” Then I stretched forth […]

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