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For A Thirteenth Birthday

You have read War and Peace. Now here is Sister Carrie, Not up to Tolstoy; still It will second the […]

Blood Oranges

In 1936, a child In Hitler’s Germany, What did I know about the war in Spain? Andalusia was a tango […]

Curriculum Vitae

1992 1) I was born in a Free City, near the North Sea. 2) In the year of my birth, […]

What The Dog Perhaps Hears

If an inaudible whistle Blown between our lips Can send him home to us, Then silence is perhaps The sound […]

A Day Like Any Other

Such insignificance: a glance At your record on the doctor’s desk Or a letter not meant for you. How could […]

Night Song

Among rocks, I am the loose one, Among aarows, I am the heart, Among daughters, I am the recluse, Among […]

Five For Country Music

I. Insomnia The bulb at the front door burns and burns. If it were a white rose it would tire […]


In Sleeping Beauty’s castle The clock strikes one hundred years And the girl in the tower returns to the world. […]


What happened is, we grew lonely Living among the things, So we gave the clock a face, The chair a […]

Why We Tell Stories

For Linda Foster I Because we used to have leaves And on damp days Our muscles feel a tug, Painful […]

Moon Fishing

When the moon was full they came to the water. Some with pitchforks, some with rakes, Some with sieves and […]

Bedtime Story

The moon lies on the river Like a drop of oil. The children come to the banks to be healed […]

All Night

All night the knot in the shoelace Waits for its liberation, And the match on the table packs its head […]

The Laughter Of Women

The laughter of women sets fire To the Halls of Injustice And the false evidence burns To a beautiful white […]

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