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Poems in English

To the City of London

London, thou art of town{.e}s A per se. Soveraign of cities, semeliest in sight, Of high renoun, riches, and royaltie; […]

Lament for the Makers

I THAT in heill was and gladness Am trublit now with great sickness And feblit with infirmitie: Timor Mortis conturbat […]

On the Nativity of Christ

RORATE coeli desuper! Hevins, distil your balmy schouris! For now is risen the bricht day-ster, Fro the rose Mary, flour […]

To a Lady

SWEET rois of vertew and of gentilness, Delytsum lily of everie lustynes, Richest in bontie and in bewtie clear, And […]