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A Watch-String

Tyme’s picture here invites your eyes, See with how running wheeles it flyes! These strings can do what no man […]

On The Life Of Man

What is our life? a play of passion; Our mirth the musick of division: Our mother’s wombes the tyring houses […]

Epitaph On Mr. Bridgeman

One pitt containes him now that could not dye Before a thousand pitts in him did lye; Soe many spotts […]

On A Dissembler

Could any shewe where Plynyes people dwell Whose head stands in their breast; who cannot tell A smoothing lye because […]

On Gray Eyes

Looke how the russet morne exceeds the night, How sleekest Jett yields to the di’monds light, So farr the glory […]

To His Mistresse

In your sterne beauty I can see Whatere in Aetna wonders bee; If coales out of the topp doe flye […]

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