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On A Great Hollow Tree

Preethee stand still awhile, and view this tree Renown’d and honour’d for antiquitie By all the neighbour twiggs; for such […]

On Westwell Downes

When Westwell Downes I gan to tread, Where cleanely wynds the greene did sweepe, Methought a landskipp there was spread, […]

An Eare-Stringe

‘Tis vayne to add a ring or gemme, Your eare itselfe outpasseth them. When idle words are passing here, I […]


I hold as fayth What Rome’s Church sayth Where the King’s head, That flock’s misled Where th’ Altar’s drest That […]

On Fayrford Windowes

I know no paynt of poetry Can mend such colourd Imag’ry In sullen inke: yet Fayrford, I May relish thy […]

On Chloris Walking in the Snow

I saw fair Chloris walk alone, Whilst feather’d rain came softly down, And Jove descended from his tower To court […]

On Jealousy

There is a thing that nothing is, A foolish wanton, sober wise; It hath noe wings, noe eyes, noe eares, […]

On A Friends Absence

Come, come, I faint: thy heavy stay Doubles each houre of the day: The winged hast of nimble love Makes […]

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