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Of Death & Resurrection

Like to the rowling of an eye, Or like a starre shott from the skye, Or like a hand upon […]


Hence, hence, all you vaine delights, As short as are the nights Wherein you spend your folly: Ther’s nought in […]

A Song On The Baths

What Angel stirrs this happy Well, Some Muse from thence come shew’t me, One of those naked Graces tell That […]

On The Bible

Behold this little volume here inrolde: ‘Tis the Almighty’s present to the world: Hearken earth’s earth; each sencelesse thing can […]


See how the Rainbow in the skie Seems gaudy through the Suns bright eye; Harke how an Eccho answere makes, […]

The Chimney-Sweeper’s Song

Hath Christmas furr’d your Chimneys, Or have the maides neglected, Doe Fire-balls droppe from your Chimney’s toppe, The Pidgin is […]

A Song On A Sigh

O tell mee, tell, thou god of wynde, In all thy cavernes canst thou finde A vapor, fume, a gale […]

Upon The Sherrifs Beere

The Sheriffe of Oxford late is grown so wise As to repreive his Beere till next assize: Alas! twas not […]

Consolatorium, Ad Parentes

Lett her parents then confesse That they beleeve her happinesse, Which now they question. Thinke as you Lent her the […]

Opposite To Meloncholly

Returne my joyes, and hither bring A tongue not made to speake but sing, A jolly spleene, an inward feast, […]

Chloris in the Snow

I SAW fair Chloris walk alone, When feather’d rain came softly down, As Jove descending from his Tower To court […]

Anthem For Good Fryday

See sinfull soul thy Saviours suffering see, His Blessed hands and feet fix’t fast to tree: Observe what Rivulets of […]

On His Lady Marie

Marie, Incarnate Virtue, Soule and Skin Both pure, whom Death not Life convincd of Sin, Had Daughters like seven Pleiades; […]

To A Gentlewoman For A Friend

No marvell if the Sunne’s bright eye Shower downe hott flames; that qualitie Still waytes on light; but when wee […]

On John Dawson, Butler Of C. C

Dawson the Butler’s dead: Although I think Poets were ne’er infusde with single drinke Ile spend a farthing muse; some […]

Posies Bracelets

This keepes my hands From Cupid’s bands. Goe, keepe that hand From Hymen’s band. Silke though thou bee More soft […]

An Antheme

O sing a new song to the Lord, Praise in the hight and deeper strayne; Come beare your parts with […]

On A Great Hollow Tree

Preethee stand still awhile, and view this tree Renown’d and honour’d for antiquitie By all the neighbour twiggs; for such […]

On Westwell Downes

When Westwell Downes I gan to tread, Where cleanely wynds the greene did sweepe, Methought a landskipp there was spread, […]

An Eare-Stringe

‘Tis vayne to add a ring or gemme, Your eare itselfe outpasseth them. When idle words are passing here, I […]

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